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You've been "inspired" to help find some information. A locked door and a quirky woman stand in your way. I created this short, no-combat quest with voiced NPCs to learn more about the Creation kit.

Permissions and credits
You've been "inspired" to help find some information. A locked door and a quirky woman stand in your way.

To get things started, start wandering towards the Trinity Tower-Boston Common area. Heading east from Back Street Apparel or northwest from Mass Bay Medical is a sure thing.  This is not a combat quest, but you should at least be able to sneak or fight your way through post-apocalyptic downtown Boston.

A "simple" quest I made to learn much, much more about the Creation Kit. Yes, I did all the voice acting! (Sorry, no unique female NPC voice - yet. Are you Courtenay Taylor? Or do you at least sound like her?)

NOTE:  There's a line that might not make sense, as it's from an older version of the quest.  It will be re-recorded, but just smile and nod for now.


Features and notes

- Features voiced & lip-synched NPCs
- Can be finished in 15-20 minutes
- Easily achievable by low-level characters (assuming you can survive downtown)
- Combat is not required, but murder is an option
- Lore-friendly, anachronism-free, 100% set in the world of Fallout
- Do not use with mods that change Prost Bar (beaconhillpub)
- Probably free of significant bugs!





- Adjusted Hoondoon's door scene
- Rearranged some NPC greetings
- Clarified some quest objectives
- Obscured a quest objective

- Initial release



- Re-write & record the "truth" line to fit the context
- NPC flavor lines & combat barks
- FUZ the dialogue
- Idle timings for Hoondoon, general movement tweaks
- Twitchy guard idles
- Vendor should pay more for desired items
- Vendor should continue idle during scene
- Vendor won't buy steak?!
- Better terminal outcome handling
- Smarter/varying "inspiration"


By spanker / therealspanker / emilio g