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female Looksmenu Preset 2

Permissions and credits
female Looksmenu Preset 2
Please feel free to use.

<Required Launch setting>
Ambient Occlusion: OFF or SSAO

<Use enb etc.>
 Subtle ENB
 Vivid Weathers
 Enhanced Lights and FX

<Required Mod>
 Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)
 LooksMenu Customization compendium
Valkyr Face Texture (recommend preset2-1 )or mix texture(①+②+③)(recommend preset2-2 ) *To your liking.
Simple clean face for woman (only
Oni face retexture (only
Valkyr Face Texture (only

Valkyr Face Texture only sample image

mix texture(①+②+③) sample image

<Use clothing Mod>
 zzjay Wasteland Attire CBBE

<Use Body and Face parts Mod>
 Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
 BodySlide and Outfit Studio
 MiscHairstyle1.6 *FoamSummer
 Appealing moles
 The Eye of Beauty fallout Edition
 eye Normal Map Fix Fallout4 Edition

female preset2-1.json and female preset2-2.json
*Drop the file in \Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\Presets