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 Film Workshop is an advanced ENB designed for manual color grading that is capable of producing stunning results. Here, the entire modern cinema film pipeline is emulated. From camera exposure and contrast settings, to the negative and print film stages, each with their own film grain emulations. For achieving your own looks, just as in the real world, Film Workshop's optional color grading functions render between the film-stock negative and film-stock print stages, with the color response behaving as it would in a professional color grading studio. With over 200 possible combinations of film-stock negatives and prints, you can easily create your own custom look in no time.

 Film Workshop uses a unique post-processing suite. Here, the HDR Linear color from the game gets converted to Cineon LOG colorspace. What this means, is that the game's visuals behave as if they were captured through a digital cinema camera. From there, the LOG image hits the camera profile section, where you can adjust exposure, gamma, contrast, and saturation. Once the camera profile is set, the image goes through the film-stock negative stage, then on to the advanced color grading tools, then into the film-stock print stage. Finally, you can set an aspect ratio for your image (letterbox/pillarbox.)

 Film Workshop is the first ENB of it's kind. When CFL was created, the focus was on creating ready-made looks for the user to choose from. Film Workshop is sort of a spiritual successor to CFL, but with a more advanced user in mind. You could almost think of it as CFL Pro. Everything is specifically setup here for manual adjustment. The ENB is a canvas to forge your own visual path.

  • Completely Modular Post Processing Effects
  • Physically Based Lens Emulation
  • Camera Profile Adjustments (Exposure, Gamma, Contrast, Saturation)
  • Accurate Cineon LOG Tonemapping
  • 18 Different Film-Stock Negative Emulations
  • Advanced Color Grading Tools
  • 9 Different Film-Stock Print Emulations
  • Fully Adjustable Aspect Ratio Cropping

  • Open the ENB menu with the "end" key
  • Expand the "ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS.FX" from the right menu by clicking it
  • Make your adjustments
  • Click "SAVE CONFIGURATION" from upper left corner to keep the changes
  • Close the menu with the "end" key

* = Print Stock

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