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Adds a chance for legendary item to appear in a successfully hacked safe

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From the author of the famous Realistic Crippled Limbs Effects here comes another one great mod.

This mod makes some more sense of Scrounger and Locksmith perks by adding a chance to any locked safe to spawn one ★LEGENDARY item if successfully hacked. This chance is based on two things: lock's difficulty and, therefore, your Locksmith perk's level, and your Scrounger perk's level. The higher those levels, the better are chances to get the ★LEGENDARY item. I'd like to keep exact formula in secret, but, let's say, if you lockpick a Novice safe without any Scrounger perks, there is a ~4% chance that you will find something with the star on it, and, on the other hand, if you lockpick a Master safe, having a four stars Scrounger perk, there is an almost 100% chance that you get something more valuable and useful than just a pipe pistol and a handful of .38 ammo.

Just to let you know: if you'll lock the safe again with console command, it won't get a new chance to spawn a ★LEGENDARY item. The only way to get another try to get the ★LEGENDARY item from the same safe is to wait until the cell respawn.

Don't forget to endorse it if you like it. Thanks)

UPD 1.01: Fixed bug when unlocked by default safe would spawn a legendary item. Rebalanced formula a little.

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