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Unofficial Ultrawide Support for the entirety of Fallout 4 and all of its DLCs

Permissions and credits
    Due to being locked out of my account until recently, I have unfortunately taken a far-too-long hiatus from the scene. I plan to
revamp TruBy9 again soon. I promise to you folks, TruBy9™ is NOT dead!

Thank you so much for the undying & continued support.


TruBy9™ Fallout 4
Creating a True Ultra-Wide Fallout 4 Experience!

What does it do?

First off: This mod is 100% standalone and DOES NOT work with Flawless Widescreen !

    TruBy9™ converts load screens, sprites, 3D icons, and all HUD elements (including the Power Armor and Workshop menu) to proper 21:9 aspect ratio, WITHOUT the use or need of Flawless Widescreen, by correctly patching the game's user interface assets. Includes a select-able installer, with more resolutions and aspect ratios aimed to be supported in the near future.

**Includes an ESP file attached to an INI that is required to be enabled to fix the Power Armor HUD and Workshop menu.

    TruBy9™ supports two User Interface scaling options during install. "Default UI Scale" which is equal to the vanilla UI size, and the "TruBy9 UI Scale", which offers much more screen space by reducing the overall size of HUD and menu elements.


TruBy9™'s custom FOMOD allows you to simply install with Vortex or Mod Organizer 2.

Before Installing

    *Make sure to REMOVE widescreen.ba2 if you are currently using the mod Widescreen fix, and delete its validation in your Fallout4.ini under the[Archive] section. It is not needed, as TruBy9™'s purpose is to replace it. Keeping it will conflict with this patch and break the user interface!

1. Navigate to your Fallout 4 Folder located in "Documents\My Games\Fallout 4"
2. Open Fallout4.ini with your favorite text editor (I use Notepad++).
3. Edit the following lines in your Fallout4.ini;

^^ Leave it blank ^^

3. Save and close Fallout4.ini

    This allows your game to be properly modded, telling the game to load ANY and ALL sub folders from the root \Data folder, and actually improves loading times due to how assets are scanned for and loaded.

    Next, follow the prerequisite edits below, install the mod, verify the "TruBy9.esp" plugin is active in your mod menu (last in load order), and you should be golden.


INI Configuration

*If you'd rather not have to worry about manual INI changes, I HIGHLY recommend the super easy-to-use Fallout 4 Configuration Tool by Bilago!

Manual Configuration

Edit your Fallout4Prefs.ini file located in Documents\My Games\Fallout4, under [Display] section and add your 21:9 resolution:

iSize H=1080  | 1440
iSize W
=2560 | 3440

For Fullscreen:

bFull Screen=1

For Borderless:


For Correct FOV:
*(FOV in the Creation Engine is Hor+ (Horizontal Plus). This means that the Vertical perspective is fixed, while increasing/decreasing the FOV expands or decreases the visible Horizontal peripheral. Too high will cause "Fish Eye", while too low will cause a sense of claustrophobia.)

Edit Fallout4.ini file located in same directory as above:

fDefaultWorldFOV=75 ; *This affects 3rd Person FOV. Values between 74 - 86 is recommended
fDefault1stPersjavascript-event-stripped94 ; *This affects 1st Person FOV. Values between 86 - 105 is recommended

Changing FOV with Console

fov 90 94 ; *You will have to enter this every time you load your game, as this does not retain in game save or save within the INI. First number is Perspective FOV, second number is 1st Person FOV.

!!! DO NOT execute saveini in console, as this will save a custom mod-dependent Fallout4.ini in your \Data folder! !!!


Recommended With TruBy9™

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Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - A complete overhaul fix for Fallout 4, dedicated to making sure you have the best bug-free experience!
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My Other Projects

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Widescreen fix The original widescreen fix.
DEF_UI - Neanka, Valdacil, Old Nick, ParasiteX, sekoms, Iravega
Horizon - zawinul
Extended Dialogue Menu - reg2k and Neanka
HUD Framework - reg2k
LooksMenu - Expired6978