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Extends the Power Cores Life on All Power Armor Frames and optional Reduced Chance to find Cores from all Loot tables. Honestly I still find way too many even with the optional mod enabled

Permissions and credits
FO4 CK and FO4Edit used to make this mod.

Please read the Change Log if you want to know what exactly has changed

Power Armor frames use less power by changing the EnchPA_Abilities for all Power armor. My mod will have this applied to the raw frame, so that any pieces you put on it will not change the base effects.

Optional Mod option to find few Cores from all loot tables. Even with the optional reduced fusion core loot tables, I still find too many cores.

  • I added the "Reduce PA Battery Damage Rate Effect" [MGEF:0016939E] magnitude of 0.5 (Half; or basically Double battery life) to the Power Armors Existing EnchPA_Abilities
  • Yes, I am aware of several mods that change the Strength cap by changing EnchPA_Abilities. I have a version that does the same thing while keeping the reduced core drain.
  • If you have all the Nuclear Physicist perks and the Repair Bobblehead you will have 100% reduction to drain unless you use the NBWP version, which allows you to have +50% battery life till rank 3 and then you get the full +100% life but never immune to drain

  • (Update this Friday 6/9/17) Make an ALT version for of the Strength Cap removed, that only give the +1 Str bonus if you have a Strength above 10, otherwise it will give you a base 11 Str if you are below that. (Done)

This mod is inspired by the following mods:
Configurable Power Armor Fusion Core Drain by RAWberry400:  This mod works by making changes to game setting base on which ESP you activate.
  • Over all the following changes are made to your game: Game Settings values changed for Jetpack drain, Running, Action Points. 
  • There are 3 other game setting that he has included in the mod but have no change from the games default values (also known as dirty edits and will be resolved once he has had time to clean the mod): PerJump, MeleeAttack, Impact Landing
Great work by RAWberry400; his mod fixes drain by change how the action points are used per point of drain. This give me insight on how i can make my mod work better with later versions.

Note: This does not affect the frames or how my mod works and is 100% compatible. If you use both mods, they will compliment each other nicely but your cores will last much much longer because of how his mod works with mine. ***Testing Completed. This mod just changes the way action points affect drain.***
  • I HIGHLY recommend this mod; by itself or with my mod. It simply make sense that Power Armor would not drain Fusion Cores so fast, because the Military would never have deployed them if you had to carry around 2 tons of cores just to power a small squad with power armor that you had to change out every few hours

Power Armor Fusion Core Drain by Safecandy
  This mod has the following changes: New Magic effect, Perks, Quest, Spell 
  • Hidden Perks are added to the Character that give you drain reduction based on what model PArmor Torso connect to the frame. 
  • A quest auto adds the perks to your character 
  • Magic Effects are the actual perk effects 
  • Spell is used to show notifications on your hud. 
Overall very good work by Safecandy; but, too complicated for me.

My Mod gives the same reduction no matter what you attach to the frame and is 100% compatible with this mod.
  • I do NOT recommend running my mod and this one together, as this will have a stacked effect where you will get my .5 drain and his reduced drain based on torso. Resulting in no drain or so little drain it might as well be 0.
Please, provide me with feedback on what you experience when using my mod with any of the ones listed above. I would love to know and make adjustment/patches for my mod to work better with theirs.
Another highly recommended Mod is:
Restore Power Armor Frames by CDante
This mod allows you to reclaim the Power armor from the dead bodies. Please check it out.

Credit to other mod authors for their hard work and effort to make similar mods:
No Power Armor Strength Cap by DBGTZ117
Power Armor 5 piece set bonus and uncapped strength by Nanan00

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Honorable mentions and amazing mods: