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Back to the eighties...

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  Eight Zero is a love letter to the 80's. With this mod, I've attempted to re-capture the feeling of watching classic films on VHS video cassette tape, while boiling that down into something that works well in the Fallout universe. The end result is something that feels sort of like watching the 80's classic, Back to the Future on VHS. Seeing a 1950's retro-future through the lens of dated VHS technology is a unique experience and is one that I feel fits very well with the game.

  I settled on three different visual styles. The first is a very colorful, Fujifilm based look, while the second has a more earthy Kodak based appearance, and the third is another Fujifilm based earthy look. Many classic films and television shows from the 80's have a signature look, and by emulating these three distinct styles, I've tried to capture the essence of the 80's as seen on VHS and Betamax tapes, and movie cinemas of the day.

    From the ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS.FX section of the ENB menu:
  • Three image styles to choose from - Fuji Colorful, Kodak Warm, and Fuji Warm
  • Optional Tape Emulation - Sony Betamax, VHS, and U-Matic
  • Optional CRT TV Emulation (Experimental)
  • Optional NTSC Emulation (Experimental)
  • Optional 4:3 aspect ratio (VHS Crop Ratio)
  • Optional 4:3 TV Overlay
  • Optional letterbox

    From the ENBBLOOM.FX section of the ENB menu:
  • Three bloom intensity levels - Low, Medium, and High

    From the ENBDEPTHOFFIELD.FX section of the ENB menu:
  • Focusing options - Auto, Manual Click-to-focus, and Manual Focus Pull
  • Realistic aperture behavior
  • Bokeh size control
  • Anamorphic switch

  • Disable the game's built-in AA (FXAA / TAA.) Eight Zero uses built-in SMAA for compatibility reasons with the special shaders in this ENB.
  • Download and install NAC - Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth (Eight Zero will probably work with other weather mods, but has not been tested with them)

  • Download the latest ENB binaries from
  • Drop ONLY d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll from the ENB zip file into the root Fallout 4 directory
  • Drop the contents of the "Main Files" folder into the root Fallout 4 directory
  • If you wish to use the performance preset, you can find the files in the "Quality Presets" folder. Drop them in the root Fallout 4 directory

    "How do I open the ENB menu?"
  • Press the "end" key on your keyboard. (If that does not work, delete enblocal.ini from the game folder, re-open the game, and press "Shift + Enter.")

    "Why are the nights so bright?"
  • This is by design. I was going for a cheap 80s style "day for night" look.

    "Is the VCR 'PLAY' overlay always on?"
  • No. This is optional and generally should only be used for screenshots.

    "I see scanlines in the mod pics. Are these always on?"
  • No. CRT patterns are an optional feature and generally should not be used for screenshots if you intend to re-size your pic later.

    "Sometimes the image looks glitchy when using TV Mode CRT Patterns"
  • The CRT Patterns can sometimes cause artifacts when the vanilla game shader effects kick in. They are an experimental feature.

    "How do I disable black bars?"
  • You can't. The blatantly obvious "Enable Letterbox / Pillarbox (Black Bars)" toggle in the ENB menu doesn't even do anything. Don't even try to click on that.

Boris Vorontsov
for ENB

For being a good friend and for all the help

Marty McFly
For the shader help

For helping with the directional blur problem

For all the awesome screenshots

For all the awesome screenshots