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Tired of slug throwers? Tired of heaps of ammo you need to carry around? Wanna make laser guns go pew pew? Hold my beer ...

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Time to put the good old bullet spitters on the display rack and go for a more economical approach. Use the power of science and the atom to create two new tools of death and destruction, either grilling them with a lightning strike and blow them up with a massive electrical discharge or outright incinerate them with a focused beam of light.

Beta 1.0.0
Initial release

Beta 2.0.0
-Fixed the first batch of issues, especially the Zappah pistol

Beta 4.0.0
- Got most of the features about the Zappah pistol to work now. The only known problem is that it still doesn't want to discard the last pistol in your inventory properly (still working on that issue).
- Added more damage to the sniper barrel of the Photonix, new base damage is 135
- The Photonix receivers got a complete overhaul. The Standard F-Cap receiver deals 10 fire damage for 5 seconds, the Null-Entropy F-Cap receiver freezes an opponent on a critical strike, and the Gamma-focused F-Cap receiver deals 8 radiation damage for 5 seconds.
- When using the Zappah, you now will get an extra item in the misc tab of your inventory called the "Zappah! User Manual". This item is responsible for the reload system of the Zappah and surpasses the old system. WARNING! Always make sure that you have it in your inventory while you carry the Zappah, otherwise it might not work properly! The Zappahs will create a new manual in your inventory automatically if you add one to your inventory our you(un-)equip it.
- Added a new receiver for standard laser weapons, which does heaps more damage and also uses F-Caps now. Have fun with your favorite legendary laser guns! :D

Beta 7.0.0 (I skipped two betas because they were personal POC iterations)
- The Zappah reload system has been revamped. Everytime you equip one, it'll span a new item in your inventory. Depending on whether you're in PA or not, it is calles "Zappah manual" or "Zappah manual PA". These misc items are responsible for the reload process, so do not throw them away the moment you see them! They are useful backups whenever you have issues with the reloading process, you can replace them in that case by unequipping the Zappah and then immediately requipping it again. The name displayed in your inventory will tell you if it worked or not.
- Replaced the sniper barrel for the Photonix. Looks more like a rocketlauncher tube now, but that's more fitting to the damage it does now.
- Speaking of which: the sniper barrel now deals 135 base damage
- Added the carbine mod for the Photonix. Increases VATS efficiency, hip fire accuracy and damage when compared to the automatic barrel, but at a lack of range. Use this little guy if you wanna play more up and personal while using VATS, you're gonna like it. ;-)


1. Install Eisenwolf's Legacy (see the link above) and do the small introduction quest if you haven't already. Once it's done simply create a new savegame and log out.
2. Install this mod using NMM and continue from the savegame you just created.

About this mod

Eisenwolf's Energy Weapons provides two new energy-based shooting irons which can be crafted at the Eisenwolf workbench. Both provide enormous firepower for endgame content, but they also got their fair share of drawbacks so you need to consider whether those are woth the trouble or not.
The weapons in detail:

1) Photonix
Almost too fashionable for the wasteland, the mighty Photonix is a superior version of the laser rifle. Powered by rechargable and more powerful fusion cells (also known as fusion capacitors or F-Caps), this hotrod sets anything it hits ablaze, dealing even more damage over time. And with the portable F-Cap recharger you can constantly replenish the empty F-Caps you put into your inventory after reloading, potentially giving you infinite ammo. But beware: The Photonix burns through the F-Caps extremely fast, forcing you to carry a lot of them if you don't wanna run out of ammo at the worst time imaginable, as the F-Cap recharger needs 30 seconds to recharge a single F-Cap. The Photonix comes in two flavors, automatic carbine and sniper. The carbine is the evil little brother of the gatling laser, quickly shredding through your enemies but at the cost of an alarming ammo consumption. If you don't like full-auto weapons so much, just swap the barrel with the sniper variant, which adds a massive cooling jacket to the mix. It cools the emitter down a lot more efficiently than the standard charging laser sniper barrel, which results in an apocalyptic firepower. A single shot can outright kill a lightly armored human or ghould on a lower level, but it takes a whooping 3.5 seconds for the heat sinks to pump out the excessive heat before the weapon reaches full power again. Sure, you can fire it before the nixie display shows the wonderful "99" again, but that'll cost you a lot of the weapon's potential, and unlike the laser sniper barrel, the Photonix sniper barrel starts out at a measily 25 % of its damage potential rather than the laser rifle's 50 %.Last but not least the carbine barrel allows you to kill more enemies in VATS and with notably more oomph when compared to the automatic variant, however you sacrifice some range for that.

2) The Zappah!
Fallout 4 meets Borderlands 2! This little guy packs a ton of punch, deals both explosive and energy AoE damage, and the best part: it explodes like a pulse grenade when reloading. Don't worry about your fingers, you "reload" this weapon by simply throwing it at your enemy, then you pick another one from your inventory, which results in a very short overall reload time. Just keep in mind that the Zappah fires in a slight arc, and the delay for the weapon to explode is 2.0 seconds - better stay away from it as far as possible unless you wanna get grilled. ^^

Obtaining the weapons

Both the Zappah and the Photonix can be crafted at the Eisenwolf workbench. While the Zappah can be crafted directly, the Photonix require several parts which need to be created in the Upgrade category. All of those parts require you to have specific mod parts for a laser rifle, as those are the basis for the Photonix itself. Once you created the parts you just need to assemble them in the "Craftable weapons" category, et voilà! You got yourself a new toy of destruction. You can also craft both the F-Caps and the recharger at the Eisenwolf workbench.

Known bugs

The only one I ran into is that if you use the Zappah pistol and you reload it, the weapon might get stuck in the reload animation after you threw the old one away. You can fix this by opening yout inventory and closing it again.
Also, you cannot throw the last Zappah for some unexplicable reason at the moment. I'm working on the issue, though.