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Recolors of the Vault Suit to make it appeal different tastes
30 Variations (For Male and Female Characters)
10 Number Color Variations
Optional Specular's for Less Glossiness/Shine
Optional File to remove the 111 Number
Black Mechanic Jumpsuit under Misc. Files

Permissions and credits

I will not update this mod anymore! If anyone wants to use files from this/make a NMM Installer Version/ Modpack feel free to do it, just give credits ("textures by akalor" is enough!)

All future Variations will only work on the "Vault 111 Jumpsuit - New" wich you can find in the beginning Vault! If yours doesn't work try wearing it first! Also: Watch the Showcase Video under the install instructions, it mentions some helpful things! (If you don't want to search for it type: player.additem 000976B7 1 into your console and press enter)

Recent Additions:
Black Mechanic Jumpsuit ~under Misc. Files~
Gold with Black Accents, 111
Pink with Black Accents, 111, 101
Black with Grey Accents, 111
Navy Blue with Grey Accents, 111
Black with Purple Accents, 111
Added optional Donation button as requested ~

I sadly don't have the time to test out every single retexture ingame so please submit screenshots if you can! :) ~

Done Suit Colors (Male and Female):

Note: All Pic's by SkyrimKnight2013 were taken without the optional Specular Files ~

Optional Files:
  • Blue 111
  • White 111
  • Green 111
  • Black 111
  • Grey 111
  • Red 111
  • Orange 111
  • Invisible 111
  • Yellow 111
  • Cyan 111
  • Specular's for less Glossiness/Shine (Available for Accents or Number) >Recommended<

If a Color is not working right make sure that you are wearing the "New" Vaultsuit and if it stills looks off get the optional Specular Files!

Misc. Files:
  • Black Colored Mechanic Jumpsuit

Optional Specular File Before and After Comparison:


Edit your Fallout4.ini (wich is found in Documents/My Games/Fallout 4):

Change this line

To this
sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\,

Then drop the textures folder into your Fallout4/Data Folder

Delete the folder Vaultsuit in textures/clothes
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