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This mod converts the abandoned diner adjacent to the Slog settlement into a furnished and functional interior cell player home with lots of interactive features. After you gain access to the settlement, the door unlocks granting you access to the interior cell player home.

Permissions and credits
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PLEASE NOTE: This mod adds a pre-decorated interior cell player home to the diner adjacent to the Slog settlement:
- There is NO workshop mode in the interior cell!
- You can not assign settlers to the interior cell!
- You can not dismiss companions to the interior cell!

Most items are static, but there are a several lootable items and containers.

This mod requires the following Fallout 4 DLC:
Far Harbor (DLCCoast.esm)
Nuka World (DLCNukaWorld.esm)
Contraptions Workshop (DLCworkshop02.esm)

There will not be a non-DLC version, so please don’t ask.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON UPDATING TO v1.1: Before upgrading to v1.1, you MUST remove the Better Homes and Bunkers Vol. 1 & 2 magazines that were part of v1.0 from any magazine racks you have them stored in. Please read the sticky post in the comment section for details. 

Mod Description:
The Better Homes and Bunkers Player Home Mod Series
VOLUME 3: The Slog Diner Player Home

This mod converts the abandoned diner adjacent to the Slog settlement into a furnished and functional interior cell player home. After you gain access to the settlement, the door unlocks granting you access to the interior cell. Until you control the settlement and activate the workshop, the door to the interior cell will remain locked and inaccessible.

The Slog Diner is decorated with pretty much everything you’d expect to see in a vintage American diner. I’ve created lots of custom design signage with glorious 4K textures to capture that vintage diner feel. I’ve even included guest checks on the counter and dinnerware with the diner’s logo.

The mod features:

- The diner has it’s own discoverable map marker for easy fast travel
- Custom loading screen
- Custom magazine that unlocks a special cooking recipe (see the “NEW FEATURE” section below)
- Custom design diner-themed signage and decorations
- Custom design chem, armor, weapon and cooking workbenches
- Power armor station and cooking grill outside of the diner
- All workbenches are linked to settlement workshop
- Functioning light switches for main lights, desk lamps and workbench lamps. Light switches have custom meshes with glow maps. No groping around to find them in the dark!
- Functioning exterior light switch (can only be activated after you have access to the diner)
- Interior and exterior lights can also be controlled from Terminal
- Skylight with functioning sliding door
- Sky is visible through the skylight with a full day/night lighting cycle and complete weather effects. For example, if there is a rain or radstorm outside, you will see the lighting and hear the thunder, etc. but will not be effected by radiation
- Custom Nuka Cola display shelf
- Custom Bobblehead shelf (with spotlight control via Terminal)
- Custom Model Robot display shelf with model kit boxes that feature 4K textures from my Robot Model Kit 4K Retextures and Collectible Boxes mod (with spotlight control via Terminal)
- Booblehead and Model Shelf spotlights can be controlled via the Terminal
- Magazine rack
- Contraptions DLC weapon display racks
- Contraptions DLC Armor Display: gender of mannequin can be changed via the terminal to match your character gender
- Convertible Hide-A-Bed: By day it’s a couch...at the press of a button it converts to a bed that is personalized with player’s name and gives the Well Rested and Lover’s Embrace Bonuses. Press the button again and the bed turns back into a couch.
- Terminal is personalized with player’s name
- Two inventory sorting systems: one container-based, the other terminal based
- Working refrigerator with custom Nuka Cola textures: Insert any Nuka Cola, Vim or Gwinnett beer variant and it will be come Ice Cold with the associated buff in six hours
- Interactive storage units: Weapons storage, chem shelf, and food shelf will display clutter when items of each category are added. Clutter will deactivate when container is emptied
- Trash Compactor unit that breaks all scrappable junk items into their base components and transfers them to the settlement workshop
- Equipped with My First Infirmary unit (restores all health and damaged limbs; removes all rads)
- Barber Chair
- Music System (Mini Jukebox): plays the same music heard in the Atom Cats Garage, essentially some of Diamond City Radio but without Travis
- UFO model with functioning light animation
- Clean water source from sink
- LOTS of storage! All containers (interior and exterior) are flagged to not respawn
- You can fast travel from the interior cell
- A functional bed for Dogmeat. Command him to use it and he’ll stay out of your way!
- Fully navmeshed for companions with many idle markers

NEW FEATURE for the Better Homes and Bunkers series:
Starting with Vol. 3: the Slog Diner, each player home will come with a custom collectible magazine. The magazines, which feature custom 4K artwork, will be found in the interior cells of the player homes.

When added to your inventory, the magazine will grant you a housewarming gift in the form of something unique to the mod, such as a custom crafting recipe or something simple yet practical, such as a component shipment that you can use for crafting.

The Slog Diner magazine unlocks a new food recipe: the Blue Plate Special!

When unlocked, you can craft the Blue Plate Special at any cooking station if you have these ingredients:

1 Mirelurk Egg
1 Cram
1 Tarberry
1 Purified Water

When consumed, the Blue Plate Special grants a small healing bonus as well as +1 Endurance, +1 Perception and +1 Strength for two game hours.

What about magazines for the previous two Better Homes and Bunkers mods?
I likely won’t go back and add magazines to the Starlight Storeroom or Oberland Station Basement mods unless I need to do any major updates or changes. If you use either of those mods and want a magazine for them, not to worry. I’ve included a custom magazine for each of those mods as well! They are on the diner counter next to the Slog Diner magazine. They each will add a random component shipment to your inventory when you pick up the magazine.

Once you have control of the settlement, you MUST ACTIVATE THE LOAD DOOR TWICE to unlock it. The first time triggers the door lock script and it runs an ownership check on the workshop. If you own the settlement, the script removes the lock. Activating the door the second time opens the door and loads you into the interior cell.

Also note that the exterior light switch is coupled to the door unlock script, so you must first activate the unlocked load door in order to use the exterior light switch.

Using this mod in an existing Slog settlement build:
Ideally, the mods in this series should be used in a new game but there are no real issues using them in a game with a settlement already built at the location, provided you keep a few important things in mind:

1. Before installing this mod,leave the Slog settlement. Fast travel someplace else, whatever, just leave the Slog. I suggest fast traveling to Greentop Nursery. It’s close enough to the Slog to get back easily, but far enough away to not interfere with activating the mod. Once you are out of the settlement, save your game and quit.

4. Install and activate the mod.

5. Load the save you just made and WALK, not Fast Travel...into the Slog settlement. This will (hopefully) insure the new diner exterior is properly loaded into your game.

6. Activate the load door TWICE, as described above.

7. Enter, and enjoy your new digs!

There is some very important information in the READ ME regarding the interactive features of the mod. I strongly suggest you read it THOROUGHLY before asking questions or reporting issues.

Questions regarding items clearly spelled out the in the READ ME or mod description will likely not be responded to.

About the Better Homes and Bunkers Player Home Mod Series:

The Slog Diner Player Home is the third in a series of player home mods that add interior cell player homes to Fallout 4 settlement locations.

The Better Homes and Bunkers Player Home mod series aims to fill a void in the Fallout 4 settlement system by offering old school, pre-decorated, move-in ready player homes to existing settlement locations. All of the homes in this series will be inspired by the player homes of previous Fallout games.

Click the Spoiler to


A comprehensive F.A.Q. is in the READ ME. Live it, Learn it, Love it.

Use the mod manager of your choice,

Or to install manually:
Extract the archive. It contains three files:
RRTV_HomesAndBunkers_Slog – Main.BA2
RRTV_HomesAndBunkers_Slog – Textures.BA2

Place all three files into your Data folder.

For you FO4Edit aficionados:
The mod has been cleaned in FO4Edit. But if you compelled to do it yourself anyway, be aware that the precombined mesh and previs data for the diner exterior cell (TheSlogExt03) has been regenerated. Any cell edits for surrounding cells you see are NOT stray edits...they are a result of regenerating the precombined/previs data. Unless you want to risk experiencing performance and/or graphical issues, I suggest you leave them be.

Using with other Slog settlement mods:
Since the diner is located completely outside of the settlement build zone, the potential for mod conflicts should be minimal. Your mileage may vary.

As with anytime you use multiple mods that modify the same cell, there is ALWAYS a potential for conflicts. Even though the diner is not part of the settlement build zone, there is always the chance you will run into problems using other mods that modify the Slog area.

I don’t use any Slog settlement mods so I haven’t tested any. You’re on your own for that. I also have no intention of making compatibility patches...you’re on your own for that as well. Sorry, but I can’t get into supporting mods that I don’t use for my own game.

Credits and Special Thanks:
The inspiration for the Diner came from Jokerine’s Golden Hen Diner Home for Fallout 3 

bLaCkShAd0w for the footlocker texture modder’s resource used for the custom footlockers:

Chucksteel for the Know your ABCs modder’s resource used for some of the signage

AWARHERO for permission to use his Dogmeat bowl

QueenLunara for the mini TV from the modder’s resource, Queenie's Resources

The scrapping script used by the Trash Compactor is based on code posted by isathar on the Bethesda CK forum.

fadingsignal, for creating the Basement Living mod which gave me the idea for the Better Homes and Bunkers series. I love that mod, and thought it would be cool to have additional options for interior cell player homes at settlements.

Darkfox127 and Seddon4494 for their amazing Creation Kit video tutorials which have been crucial to the success of every mod I’ve made.

Desktop picture frame pin-up art by Al Moore.

Other Notes:
1. This mod is PC only. There will not be a console version, so please do not ask.

2. There is no settlement workshop for the player home interior cell and one will not be added so please don’t ask.

3. There will not be a non-DLC version, so you guessed it, please don’t ask.

4. Based on any texture replacements you have installed in your game, the appearance of items in the mod may vary from what is shown in the screenshots and promo video. I use many texture replacements in my game and videos, and none of them are included in this mod.

I use the Decent Plus ENB preset for my screenshots, videos and gameplay.

5. I am creating the mods in this series to fit my own game and gameplay, and will only be doing settlements that I have an interest in. Requests will not be taken, and questions asking “Can you/will you do settlement XYZ?” will not be responded to. That being said, if you ask nicely, I will be able to tell you what settlements I intend to work on...if I can figure that out for myself.


Do not redistribute or alter this work without explicit permission from the original author (RedRocketTV).This mod will not be uploaded to Bethesda.net or any other site. If you find it anywhere but on the Fallout 4 Nexus, it has been stolen. Please report it as such.

Commercial use strictly prohibited.