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Auto-Close workshop doors after a delay when open by the pc or npc

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Do not uninstall v0.5 in mid game, this may corrupt your saves
I'm sorry for my English, I speak french.

This is my first uploaded mod, I chose this while wondering around my settlement working on a other mod when a settler open a door I just close and that annoy me. Its a little script that work on most door, I attach on workshop door to automatically close after a while when open, by anyone.

Version 0.7 can be consider as a proper mod.

-The Script stay completely Idle after the door as been close, event after being manually close by the PC. (v0.5)
- Door wont try to close while being selected in workshop mode and will close after being place again. (v0.5)
- The Script is totally stand-alone and can be attach to your own custom doors, no adjusting or setting require. (v0.5)
- Doors will automatically open in workshop-mode when you get close to them (v0.7)
- All workshop doors/recipe are duplicate for future safe update. (v0.7)

- Doors saved while being open before installation will have to be manually close once before properly working. (v0.5)

Install with a mod manager.
You have to replace all already build doors with the version 0.7
-- Old doors will give you back all your component --

- I wish my mod to be Nexus only and for PC only.