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Updates junk and scrap to have more realistic components

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Fixes a ton of bugs with scrappable items and changes their component outputs to make more sense. IMMERSIVE ALLUMINUM

Full list of changes here

- Fixes many objects that weren't outputting what they were supposed to output (such as radios only giving 1 rubber).
- Gives the correct components to named objects, such as aluminum to aluminum oil cans & trays
- Rebalances components to make sense, such as barbells or Giddyup Buttercup pieces mathematically adding up
- Adds components to things that should have them, such as a clock having gears.

Please, feel free to suggest more changes! I want scrapping to make sense so the more problems we can spot them better!

I would also like to recommend Simple Bug Fixes, another mod that corrects things that need to be corrected.

Also on BethesdaNet here


Thanks to coolbond for the ideas
Thanks to MookittyBonnie for constant help in solving various major issues
Thanks to Kesta for a solution to Lead Pipe, Integration of his mod, and a French Translation
Thanks to fireundubh as well for Lead Pipe solution and Radio solution
Thanks to LikwidBrahmin for a massive list of suggested changes, almost all of them were implemented!

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