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About this mod

Adds Radio New Vegas and Mojave Music Radio to the wasteland! Ring-A-Ding baby!

Permissions and credits

Most files are taken from the Internet Archive's audio resources, from files marked Creative Commons OK.

The rest are genuine tracks under the Creative Commons. All credit goes the the original Artists. I do not own any of this content, nor am I receiving any profit at all under any circumstances.

No files that are under copyright have been added from New Vegas, only some of the instrumentals, which are under the Creative Commons.
Others, like Frank Sinatra - Blue Moon are directly from the Internet Archives audio resources, and NOT from the New Vegas game itself. The in-game trailer commercials audio used in this mod are non copyright also and can be used as long as I receive no profit from using the said audio files. 
This also counts for my latest update(s).

In the latest update, the user requires access to an owned copy of Fallout: New Vegas to access the full features. None of this content is included in the download.



  • Craftable Radios!
  • Mojave Music Radio 
  • The Vanilla, full official soundtrack just as you remembered it! (requires the Fallout: New Vegas base game OR access to its Data files)
  • An optional Lite version of Radio New Vegas for those who can't access the base game


How to install:

Lite Version: Install with NMM as usual. Make sure if you install this version you only install this version as it is incompatible with other versions of this mod.

Every other version of this mod: Check the "Instructions" folder included in the download.

Questions that may be asked:

Q.) Why the heck does this mod currently use two ESPs! The previous version didn't. 

It's more stable. Don't attempt to merge them together as they're incompatible

Q.) Radio New Vegas and/or Mojave Music Radio sometimes go silent.

This can be fixed by uninstalling the mod, loading up a save then exiting and reinstalling the mod.
Currently there is no workaround

Q.) One of the stations just repeated a song!

This can't be helped. This is due to the way Bethesda have setup in-game radio stations and 
I can't do anything as I am unable to script. If a patch is made I would be more than
willing to give credit and officially support it

Credits to Vikichan for allowing free use of his XWM converter.

Please make sure you read the instructions carefully!

Thank you for downloading!