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Most files are taken from the Internet Archive's audio resources, from files marked Creative Commons OK. http://archive.org/

The rest are genuine tracks under the Creative Commons. All credit goes the the original Artists. I do not own any of this content, nor am I receiving any profit at all under any circumstances.

No files that are under copyright have been added from New Vegas, only some of the instrumentals, which are under the Creative Commons.
Others, like Frank Sinatra - Blue Moon are directly from the Internet Archives audio resources, and NOT from the New Vegas game itself. The in-game trailer commercials audio used in this mod are non copyright also and can be used as long as I receive no profit from using the said audio files. 
This also counts for my latest update(s).



Well Howdy Folks! Welcome to Radio New Vegas, the most smooth Radio on the Nexus! Ring-A-Ding-Baby!


  • Craftable Radios!
  • Mojave Music Radio - Now Available! 
  • An immersive copyright free soundtrack!
  • In game pre-war advertisements!   - I feel these intrude on the New Vegas Feeling. However, I am making another version which will contain these.

What does this mod not do

  • Remove any textures
  • Screw up your game files
  • Cause unnecessary trouble
  • Add the beloved Charisma of Mr New Vegas. It seems the audio files containing the announcements are copyrighted, which is why I can't use them on the nexus. I have replaced these with pre war advertisements.

Song List

Due to copyright, I cannot use the full soundtrack. However, many good songs that where originally on Radio New Vegas still remain! You will still get that nostalgia, just without a few classics sadly ;)

Radio New Vegas 
  •  Frank Sinatra - Blue Moon
  •  Manhattan
  •  Von Spanien Nach S Damerika (In-Game Instrumental)
  •  Guy Mitchell - Heartaches by the number
  •  Strahlende Trompete
  •  Pete Thomas - Sit And Dream 
  •  Hallo Mr. X
  •  Marty Robbins - Big Iron 
  •  Kay Kyser - Jingle Jangle Jingle
  •  American Theme
  •  Peggy Sue - Why don't you do right?
  •  Slow Bounce
  •  Sleepy Town Blues
  •  Dean Martin - Ain't that a kick in the head?
  •  Eddy Arnold - Its a sin

Mojave Music Radio:

  • Marty Robbins - Big Iron 
  • Guy Mitchell - Heartaches by the number
  • Eddy Arnold - Its a sin
  • Darrell Wayne Perry and Tommy Smith - Going Under
  • Happy Times
  • The Roes Brothers - I'm Movin' Out
  • Katie Thompson - I'm So Blue
  • Lost Weekend Western Swing Band - In the Shadow of the Valley
  • Lost weekend Western Swing Band - Let's ride into the sunset
  • Tony Marcus - Lone Star
  • Roundhouse rock.
  • Johnny Bond - Stars of the Midnight Range

Any suggestions will be added to an optional radio, Radio New Reno. (Stay Tuned!)

How to install:

  Download with NMM or another manager of your choice, make sure you tick the ESP(S)!
  Install Manually by dragging the data folder directly into you FO4 directory.


If you encounter any bugs/glitches then leave a post. I will do my best to help you out, or release an update to combat the issue.


[/left]Thank you for downloading! Please remember to endorse! I need your help to make my ideas come to life! Thank you :D