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                                                                      Longfellows cabin

This is a home/base for u and as such it will only have enough for u and longfellow. It is not a settlement.
It is mainly a vanila build (and dlc) but i decorated the house with mods (see optional mods)so if u like decorating or adding yr own furnishings or dont use the mods i use everything is here but the furnishings in the house.

If your like me and find building very tedious and unfallout like, and just want a
home/base then possibly this is a blueprint for you,you wont have to
build a thing its all there,you may want to change small things add
things, its up to you, there is scope to do that.
I dont want to build another thing in fallout ever again and this is my blueprint that allows me to do just that!

Scrap everything on the top half of the island. leave Longfellows cabin alone.
Then Increase build limit from workbench(see recomended mod) i would do it to 8 plus
Then import
This is no.2 on yr blueprints list and will add 833 items

Mods needed

Transfer Settlements

DLC needed
Far Harbour
Vault tec workshop
Wasteland workshop
Contraption workshop


Optional modu wont need these but u will have to decorate the house yrself

Homemaker - Expanded Settlements

Craftable Working Showers & Sinks

Modular Kitchen

Do It Yourshelf

CREAtive Clutter

Recommended mod
Increased Build Limit Enhanced 4K
To increase build limit

If u use
Craftable Working Showers & Sinks The toilets,showers,sink wont work so...
Don't actually remove or store/scrap them , just highlight a toilet or shower or sink, pick it up, and cancel to drop.

Factory has 4 ammo builder but u can swap any builder u want, very simple.

The factory wont work after the import so in workshop mode,
Don't actually remove or store/scrap them , just highlight
a builder or hopper...etc.
.. pick it up, and cancel to drop and thats it,everything will work.

Wiring Longfellows cabin is easy

If yr blueprints list is full or u got no.2 already,what u can do is
make a folder on yr desktop,name it transfer settlements or something
like that,and go to yr data folder
(c/programs86/steam/steamapps/common/fallout4)click on it, then click on
F4SE/plugins/transfersettlements/blueprints and theres yr list from
1-10.Move the ones u want intoo the folder u just made on yr
desktop.Simple enough to move them back or swap them.

Dont forget to endorse the mods that r needed if u aint already

Reason for uploading this file.....Didnt do it for endorsements or downloads or nothing like that.I dont consider myself a
modder..lol..cos im not....I just wanted to give back to the community
for which i have taken alot!
A big thank you to cdante for giving me the tool (transfer settlements) to do this.

Just would like to thank all the talented modders out there for making fallout 4 better!