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Craft and Dismantle Weapons
Have you ever come across a gun mod that you cannot craft but want to transfer to your gun but are frustrated you have to craft a “standard” mod first?
Have you ever collected a Deathclaw hand and thought “I could make a Deathclaw Gauntlet with this!”?
Have you ever wanted to arm all your settlers with Deliverer (Non Legendery) pistols and tuxedos?
Have you ever looked in your inventory and seen the mountains of weapon mods and wondered “Why can’t I put these together and make new guns?”?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the mod for you!

·Remove any mod from a gun without having to replace it.
·Make a free gun template of any standard or Legendery gun at the chem station and put mods on it at the weapon station. (some templates cost components).
·Only weapon templates of guns in your inventory can be made.
·Craft melee weapons at the chem station. (Only of melee weapons in your inventory).
·Guns missing mods will not be able to be fired or no projectile comes out.
·Vendors will not buy an incomplete weapon.
·Scrapping weapons with missing mods gives proportionally less components.
·Templates with no mods install now have no weight.
·Craft a Weapons Toolkit at the Chem station under utilities and drop it from your inventory to interact with it.
·The Weapons Toolkit allows you to remove or swap a weapon mod but not to craft new ones.
·Craft a Draughting Clipboard at the Chem station under utilities and drop it from your inventory to interact with it.
·The Draughting Clipboard allows you to manufacture weapon templates away from home.
·The Weapon Toolkit and Draughting clipboard can only be used on level ground otherwise they may roll away and cannot be interacted with until it is level again.
·The Weapon Toolkit and Draughting clipboard are auto picked up once you have finished using them.
·You can craft a Board weapon at both the Chem station and Draughting Clipboard without having found one first.

This Mod is 100% additive which means you can add it anywhere in your mod list and it should not conflict with any other mods.
This mod uses the vanilla keyword mod associations.
All crafted weapons added are new weapons and will therefore have different Base ID’s than the vanilla weapons found in the game.
If a mod alters the stats of the base weapon instead of the mods used on that weapon then crafted weapons will have different stats.

Known issues:
Menu icons for crafting templates rarely show any part of the weapon to be crafted.
You cannot interact with the Weapon Toolkit and Draughting clipboard unless it is upright. If you cannot interact with it push it over until it is upright.
The Weapon Toolkit and Draughting clipboard dousnt always spawn infront of you. It might have spawned somewhere near by. It always tries to spawn at ground level. Best to spawn in an open area and reposition.
If you have hundreds of weapons in your inventory it may take a few seconds for them all to appear in the merchant trade window.

Main files:

Craft gun templates and melee weapons at the chem station for vanilla fallout 4.

Craft gun templates at the chem station for vanilla fallout 4.

Optional files:

Mod support for mod weapons:
These add support for weapons from other mods. Either Main file Craft_and_Dismantle_Weapons or Craft_and_Dismantle_Weapons-Guns_Only and the weapon mod are required. The optional file must be placed after these files.

Adds crafting support for: Alien Assault Rifle by henkspamadres and elgoes: Link
Can craft a Alien Assault Rifle Template. There are five esp's. Activate the one that matchs the weapon damage of the Alien Assault Rifle you installed.

Adds crafting support for: China Lake and Holorifle by Shoeburglar, Hitman47101 and 500slr: Link
Can craft a China Lake and Holorifle Template. There are four esp's. Activate the one that matchs the weapon damage of guns you installed.

Adds crafting support for: M1 Garand - A WWII Classic by asXas: Link
Can craft a Garand Template and an M1 Garand Bayonet. There are three esp's. Activate the one that matchs the weapon damage of the M1 Garand you installed.

Adds crafting support for: Skibadaa Weapon Pack REDUX by Skibadaa: Link
Can craft 10 different weapon templates.

Adds crafting support for: The Widow Shotgun by Corvalho: Link
Can craft a Widow Shotgun Template.


A big thanks for the scripts to:
tim57282: Link
shavkacagarikia: Link
Please check their mods out.

Hypothetical F.A.Q.
Q. Can I craft legendary weapons?
A. Not unless you could without this mod.

Q. What weapons are covered?
A. All weapons from the base game including legendery weapons can be used to make gun templates with no mods attached or craft melee weapons with no mods attached. However These weapons cannot be crafted at this time (unless requested): Silver submachine gun, Explosives, Pickman’s Blade, Kremvh’s Tooth, Shem Drowne Sword, 2076 World Series baseball bat and the Swatter.

Q. Which templates cost resources and why?
A. Some weapons do not have a receiver which makes the weapon to cheap to craft. So I made these templates cost a few components: Flare gun, Syringer, Fat Man, Junk Jet, Minigun, Missile launcher, Alien blaster pistol, Cryolator and Gamma gun.

Q. Can I combine this mod with my mod and release it to the public?
A. I would rather you didn’t. It took me many weeks to make but there’s technically no way for me to stop you. Course I might change my mind if you told me why it’s such a good idea.

Q. If I get a certain legendary weapon and swap out these mods I can make it fire even though it shouldn’t be able to!!!
A. Not a question but have an imaginary cookie. Now stop shooting people with a broken gun. Only way I could “Fix” this is by disabling that legendary effect.

Q. I found a bug! Fix it now!
A. Make a report in the bugs section and I will get to it ASAP. Please don’t spam the forum.

Q. Can you add support for my favourite weapon from this mod?
A. Sure as long as it’s not a mod pack and I can get the mod authors permission. Well I can do weapon packs too but I would probably lose the will to live several times proportionate to the number of weapons.

Q. Do you have any future plans for this mod?
A. Make a clearer indicator whether guns are incomplete and cannot be fired. Add a deployed weapon toolkit mesh.  Find a better animation for weapon toolkit and draughting clipboard.

Q. Is this available on other platforms?
A. Xbone: Link
    PS 4: Link

Q. Do you have any other mods?
A. Uncraftable Weapon Mods: Link
    Any Terminal at Any Height: Link
    Portable Folding Chair: Link
    Restricted Portable Weapons Workbench: Link
    Salem Turrets - Gun Run Fix: Link