Lowered Weapons - Quicker Relax Timer by dePog
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Added: 19/05/2017 - 09:01AM
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Last updated at 17:59, 19 May 2017 Uploaded at 18:01, 19 May 2017

Lowered Weapons - Quicker Relax Timer
is a patch for

Lowered Weapons
by lesma666

Reduces the time you have to wait for the gun to lower from the current 3 seconds to just 0.5 seconds.

1. Install with NMM, or just drop the esp file into your Data directory
2. Make sure you install this mod after Lowered Weapons

Pre requisite file:
Lowered Weapons
, by lesma666

Overview of "Animated" Lowered Weapons mods
(My 'Quicker Relax Timer' patch is designed to work in conjunction with the three mods mentioned below)

The original creator of Lowered Weapons (lesma666) seems to have abandoned the Fallout 4 modding world. Therefore, a DLC patch was made by a different author (allexbulluk). Also, if you have added any unique weapons to your game by other mod authors they may require a patch to make them " lower" correctly. So if you are playing with DLCs installed and unique weapons you will need to use the three mods shown below:

Lowered Weapons, by lesma666

Lowered Weapons - DLC Addon, by alexbull_uk

Lowered Weapons Animation Standalone Weapon Edition, by sargeschultz11
If you use weapons created by other mod authors (such as, DeadPool2099's Hunting Shotgun, or giggity12345's Wastelander XM2076) , then they will require their own individual patches.

The advantage of using these mods to lower your weapons is that they are using animation files and not scripting. Therefore you can add or remove them to existing saves without wrecking your game.

Overview of "Scripted" Lowered Weapons mods
There are two mods that I know of that use scripting to lower your weapons which means that they should work with any weapon without needing patches. You just have to be aware that scripted mods can sometimes cause issues if you remove them from your game during a playthrough.

Button Lowered Weapons, by JackArbiter
You control when you raise or lower your weapon via a hotkey on your keyboard or controller. I haven't tried it, but it has about 6000 endorsements, so it must be OK. My patch (Quicker Relax Timer) will have no effect on this mod.

Automatically Lowered Weapons, by pauderek
This mod uses a script to automatically lower your weapon when you are not in combat. I haven't tried this mod either, but it has over 1000 endorsements, so I presume it functions as advertised. My patch (Quicker Relax Timer) will have no effect on this mod.