Fallout 4

About this mod

I built this in maya and exported it as both a fbx and a obj with mtl. I am extremely busy with school and work, but if a modder can finish this and have it in game then I would be happy.

Permissions and credits

Update 07/20/2017: Video of Maya looking at the model.

Update 07/01/2017: Updated mesh with Ammonhra's tweaked version for the textures.  This doesn't have the jetpack as that needs another weekend of fine tuning I think.

UPDATE 06/03/2017: I've added my textures I tried to make for this mesh and it will be a possible paint job in the mod.  This will work with version .7 of the mesh.  I hope you like it.

UPDATE 06/01/2017:  I've changed the uv mapping of the helmet to make more sense for painting both sides of it.  I've also combined the halves into one and merged the vertices.  This is to help avoid holes and clipping.  The chest is also the fixed version of  Electrosus912 who fixed the splits for the powerarmor.  Uploaded with his permission.  Version .7: So for some reason the arms and legs that were mirrored over failed to mirror properly so I did it a different way and now they appear correct in substance painter.  >_<  This is the most correct version of the mesh...  I fixed the arm and leg that were too close to the center of the mesh.  So moved it out to match the original distance.

I made this a while ago, but I haven't had the time between work and school to finish it.
I have it uv mapped.  I don't have it textured.  This is mainly the mesh and uv map.
You can use it as long as you give credit somewhere in the mod to me: mbradshaw
Thank you and I would also like a message with a link with the completed mod so I can use it!
Michael Bradshaw