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Atomic Aesthetics Radio Presents: AVALON GENESIS

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Atomic Aesthetics Radio Presents: AVALON GENESIS

AVALON GENESIS is a side project by Experimental Electronic artist N 6 4 (aka DJ Allistair).

N 6 4 is a big fan of the Fallout franchise and had it in mind whilst producing this album. Additionally, they thought it would be interesting and in keeping with the experimental nature of the project by releasing the album in this way.

AVALON GENESIS is a post-apocalyptic + space aesthetic. Think of Fallout + Mass Effect + Neon Genesis Evangelion + Star Wars + 80's Sci-Fi. 

The sound of AVALON GENESIS is best described as lo-fi, post-apocalyptic, space, rock opera, with a nice touch of Synthwave, ambient, and EDM elements. Truly a sonic space odyssey.

The composition of AVALON GENESIS is best described as an avant-garde exploration of the foundations of cinematic musical themes.

AVALON GENESIS is a soundtrack to the Genesis of Atom and the inevitable destruction that ensues.
Atom brings mankind to total global apocalypse amidst unimaginable progress and they must flee to the star to find Avalon.

AVALON GENESIS is a timely and thought-provoking masterpiece that invokes both feelings of love and desperation. 


I think this album blends very, very well with Fallout, as it was created with Fallout in mind. It is technically lore-breaking, but will create a whole new, awesome, immersive experience as you blast your way through the Commonwealth. The more EDM inspired tracks with increase your focus and makes for great battle music, especially against super mutants and raiders in the big cities. However, you'll feel right at home with the more Atomic inspired tracks (using samples from actual atomic bomb detonations, Mozart, and J. Robert Oppenheimer); these tracks are best enjoyed whilst wandering the wastes. Additionally, the heavily bit-crushed synths will undoubtedly invoke a sense of dystopian post-apocalypse, and the space-y synths and more ambient tracks will make you feel warm and cozy in places where the Institute are involved.

This is my first ever mod. If you like this kind of music, let me know and I'll make more of these.

I don't know if it's like this for all radio mods, but I had to create a new save and reload to get it to work.


I am N 6 4. I am AVALON GENESIS. Please enjoy.

For more music, please visit:

Reach me on Twitter @MatthewSmythe