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Homemade Explosives is a collection of 8 new grenades and mines that can be crafted at any work bench, ranging from a simple tin can with fertilizer in it to an advanced pipe bomb.

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Homemade Explosives answers a question I had while playing the game, and that was the lack of non military grade explosives. I loved the Mad Bomber perk from Fallout: New Vegas and the ability to create ramshackle explosives. While we the Molotov cocktail is the scourge of survival playthroughs, all other options seemed lack luster, if they were even present. This caused me to create Homemade Explosives.

As of now Homemade Explosives contains 8 items that can be crafted at any chemistry station under the Homemade Explosives category
. There are plans for more items in the future but this plug in will always require only the vanilla game.

This is my first ever mod so any suggestions as to balance, texture, implementation, etc is appreciated. This mod was made with only the Creation Kit and Nifskope.


Change log:

Version 1.2:
Added three new weapons, changed some weights of previous homemade explosives, and fixed the preview images.

Version 1.1:
Fixed file structure and edited homemade grenade recipe.

Version 1.0:
Initial Release