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Custom armour/outfit
For males and females
Compatible bodies:
BodySlide customization

Permissions and credits

Now for females too!

And a robot leg option :)



Custom armour/outfit with several separate accessories

Two base outfits: one normal and with a robot leg

Separately equippable vests, arm accessorias and some headgear

Base outfit (underarmor)
Base outfit with robot leg (underarmor)
Vest (torso armor)
Vest with breastplate (torso armor)
Two arm accessories (arm armor pieces)
Goggles for face, forehead and neck


Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource
Bodyslide for CBBE and SuperHero versions is highly recommended


There is a vanilla female and a cbbe female version (with vanilla males)
Separate patch for SuperHero males 

Install your preferred female body type with mod manager,
or by manually placing the content of the archive into your Data folder
CBBE version comes with outfits set to "curvy" shape.
You need BodySlide to fit the parts to your preferred preset. 
For SuperHero body you need to download one of the main mods and the patch.
It's set to "Nightwing" preset by default, you need BodySlide to customize that too.
When you set the outfits to your preset, don't forget to do it with all the pieces, otherwise its gonna be clippy.

What else it does:

Outfits, vests and arm pieces can have ballistic weave
Goggles can be modded to have night vision
They have slightly better base stats than vanilla starter outfits

Can be made at the Armorsmith workbench

Outfits: Armor mfd
Arm addons: Accessories - Arm addons
Vests: Separates - Vests
Cap: Headgear - Hats
Goggles: Accessories mfd
You need lvl 1 Armorer perk to make them

For ballistic weave you obviosly need the spacific quest completed

You can have giant boob presets with it (has enough polygons probably),
but the breastplate is going to look stupid after a certain breast size
(it's a metal plate, duh)

The base outfits are underarmor.
It means you can technically wear them with other armor pieces (vanilla armors f.e.), 
and the torso and arms are fitted to be not or just slightly clippy,
but the legs arent fitted (they gonna be clippy).
(I recommend the "concealed armors" mod to fix that)
Also accessories can be worn with other underarmors.
(and of course you have to have the accessories and the outfit fitted to the same preset)

The robot leg is part of the outfit of course (no other way to do it), 
so it can't be worn with any other outfit. 

Changes from old version:

Female version
Custom body versions for CBBE and SuperHero body (and BodySlide)
Version with robot leg
Bit higher poly shirt and vest models
More reasonable slot use (armor pieces occupy their intended slots now instead of 57),
to be compatible with other accessory mods
Right arm wrist now visible in 1st person 

You can possibly use the SuperHero patch with the old mod, if you don't want to download the new one.
Also you can simply owerwrite the old one with the new.

There is an xbox version, but only for vanilla (and no robot leg for now)

Persmissions and credits:

You may use this in your mod, just let me know.
Please dont re-upload it anywhere.

Nothing was used from other mods and games,
the robot leg and left armband are f4 models edited, other pieces were made by me.

Video showing the male version and too much goggles:

Other one with many enb much slo-mo

With female ver. and a cool sword

One with more action

Ok  i have to admit wearing those goggles at once is kinda hilarious

One more: