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This adds a variety to a number of containers in the wilds of the Commonwealth. With Settlement Menu Manager, this mod also adds a workshop category in the furniture menu for crafting everything except the cap stash tins.

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This mod is also available at Bethesda.net, and includes an Xbox One version for the console players....

What this mod does:

This mod replaces the look of many of the existing containers in the game world, providing some variety out in the wilds of the Commonwealth. It adds 24 new varieties of suitcases, 13 new dufflebags, 11 new coolers, 9 metal boxes, 12 wooden crates. 11 footlockers, 10 tool boxes, 4 tool chests, and 5 cap stash tins, all re-textures of the vanilla versions, including Nuka Cola variants.  (Okay, maybe I have difficulties with round numbers...) ^_^ 

If you add 
Settlement Menu Manager to your game, then you will also get a settlement workshop menu section in the Furniture sub-menu that allows you to craft everything except the cap stash tins.  The re-textured cap stashes are only found in the wild. Sorry!


My thinking is that it's been over 200 years since the bombs dropped. And if I'm gonna suspend my disbelief enough to believe that a container made of cloth (like a suitcase) or wood has survived 200 + years, then it's not gonna serve the same purpose or look even close to what it did back in the day. I mean come on. That foot locker isn't gonna be sitting at the foot of a military bunk all nice and olive green anymore. Nope, it's gonna be banged up, painted a dozen times over, and holding razor grain, mutfruit, and tatos. Or whatever. My point is, that anything that's been kicking around for 200 years isn't gonna look the same way it did back when, it's gonna have some flavor to it. That's what this mod's about.

So anyway, this is a continuation of our Suitcase Texture Replacer where we go a step beyond and stick these out in the world and in the workshop for y'all to have and place in your settlements. Because what's the point in replacing the texture of the suitcase with another texture of a suitcase? No! We want y'all to put these suitcases everywhere! And, of course, wherever your hearts desire. Go forth and decorate the world!

So, I give you

But wait!

There's more!

I present to you... Coolers! (because coolers are cool)

And that's not all!

Here are... Duffle bags! (or is it duffel bags?) OMG! Have I been spelling this wrong the whole time?  >_< Be right back... Nope, the game spells it "duffle" so sorry y'all, it's gonna stay "duffle" for the sake of continuity no matter how much spell check screams at us. It's just easier that way. If it makes you too crazy, you can change it after you download it, but I'm not gonna make any guarantees if you break the seal.

So anyway, without further ado, here are... 

Duffle Bags!

And so much more!

As for compatibility... I can't tell ya. I know it works in the vanilla game, and that's about it. All I can say is, try it. Save before you do, and if it doesn't work with your load order, then well, sorry.  Me and my partner in crime Opusgames are still new at this whole modding business and we're learning as we go. He's the Creation Kit person, and I'm more comfortable in xEdit. Keep in mind, we're just a kooky old couple having fun with this game. And isn't that the important part? Having fun?  


If you're using a mod manager (such as Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Organizer, or Wrye Bash), install like any other mod.

To install manually, unpack the mod archive, and copy all three files into your Fallout 4\Data directory: "A Variety of Containers - Main.ba2", "A Variety of Containers - Textures.ba2", and "A Variety of Containers.esp".

Starting with version 1.1, this mod now requires the mod Settlement Menu Manager if you want to craft the containers in the workshop. This allows clean adding and removing of the workshop portion of our mod. SMM is not required if you just want the containers out in the game world but do not plan to craft them.

We do not and will not have a version that is just the workshop and not In the Wild, as putting the textures in the world was the intention of this mod all along. 


If using version 1.1 or later, just remove the mod files, and everything should work.

If using version 1.0 or previous, don't uninstall... it will break your workshop menus. If you have an early version and want to update... I'm sorry, you'll have to start a new game or keep playing with the old version. I don't know of a safe way to uninstall the older version.

Changelog (see also, changelog tab)

Update October 23, 2017:
Fixes a couple of container types that were set to respawn. Thanks to user GenericFallout for finding this bug!

Update August 12, 2017:
A minor update that fixes some Creation Kit warnings, and streamlines a few things internally. No new containers were added.

Update August 1, 2017
A major update adding 9 metal boxes, 12 wooden crates, 11 footlockers, 10 toolboxes, and 4 tool chests.  The tool chests come with and without papers stuck to them.  All of these are in the wild with the exception of the pink footlockers and the paint splash wooden crate -- I thought those best just left in the workshop.  Pictures of everything are in the images tab.  Mods used in the screenshots are this one, Old World Plaids, and Workshop Rearranged.  Hope y'all enjoy!

Update July 14, 2017:
The latest version merges the two .esp files into a single .esp. The mod now puts the variety of containers out in the wilds of the Commonwealth. If you add Settlement Menu Manager to your game, then you will also get the new containers in the settlement workshop for crafting. However, if you do not want to craft the containers, SMM is no longer required. This version also removes the FOMOD setup, since it is no longer needed.

Update June 26, 2016:
Now all the suitcases, coolers, and duffle bags have been added to the In The Wilds option, so you will see a lot more variety out in the game world. In addition, we've scattered some new cap stash tins around! I've uploaded images of the cap tins in the image tab so you can see what you're getting.  You cannot create the new cap stash tins in the workshop, they're just scattered in the wild.

Update June 21, 2016: 
Added  several new duffle bags, plus (by popular demand) a Nuka Cola cooler, duffle bag, and suitcase.  Hope y'all enjoy!   We also set the Nuka Cola suitcase out into the wild.  We're still working on getting the other containers out there. 


As always, we couldn't have done all of this without help. Everything was made using Photoshop, the Material Editor by ousnius, Nifscope, and, of course, the Creation Kit.  Almost all of the textures came from Textures.com  and myfreetextures.com. The lips on "Hot Lips" cooler came from Vecteezy.com.  The "Artsy" suitcase came from Fantasy stock textures. We also got some excellent advice from fellow modders, fadingsignal and [url=http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/3536159/?]D81, without which we might still be scratching our heads.  Thanks, you guys!

We watched a boatload of tutorials on youtube way too many to list (because I can't remember them all), but yeah, some were more useful than others. Still, I'm grateful they're out there because every little bit helps. A lot of times, it was just jumping in and trying though. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? Don't answer that. 

Please don't use or upload this mod anywhere else without our permission. Thanks! ^_^