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Basement, Roof Access and Elevator. (Contraptions DLC Required!) Also includes several fixes, aswell as timer closed doors and glazed doors / windows. This is not a blueprint.

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Red Rocket is my favourite settlement, but I find it a bit small and always create a makeshift roof access. This is generally messy. The lighting issues really bug me too!! There are also no load screens with this mod as it is all exterior. I've tried to keep it as close to the vanilla as possible and all new models are in the style of the existing Red Rocket. It requires the Contraptions DLC, as it uses the animations from the 4 floor elevator, even though it looks nothing like it.

What's been Added

Red Rocket Near Sanctuary

  • Custom Elevator. Using the animation and a modified script from Contraptions DLC. The elevator is styled like the vanilla with a fully walled elevator car and doors. Includes announcer voice for the different floors and an 'open doors' button.
  • 2 basement floors. Both have custom lighting to give an underground feel. The first basement level is a replica of the ground floor layout, with tiles in the garage area rather than concrete. The second basement level is all open plan with brick walls and a concrete floor. The settlement build area continues down to both levels.
  • Roof access. A small building designed for neat access to the roof. Has a door and a light.
  • Glass in the two main windows at the front.
  • Curb at the front entrance.
  • Entrance trims under the doors and garage door.
  • Strip light bulbs changed from 5 to 2 but using the same lighting shader property effect.
  • Light bulbs replaced and added where there is a light source. Basement floors and roof access fully bulbed. Unlit bulbs left alone on the ground floor.

All Red Rockets

  • Glass added to all Red Rocket Doors.
  • Timer added to all Red Rocket Doors to close after 7 seconds.


There's a lot of lighting fixes and all the bulbs have been changed as mentioned. Below is an example:

There is also an issue on all the corners where the ceiling mesh is poking through. Below is an example:

The last one may or may not be an issue. My friend on PS4 didn't have this but I did on PC. It's a light shard coming though. It's not at all times of day and there is normally a filing cabinet in the way. Below is the non modded version, just on the skirting:

Below is the modded version which continues below in the basements: 


I have done quite a lot of testing but only really with this mod enabled. It will most likely have issues with other mods related to this Red Rocket. It might be worth putting it after any other Red Rocket mods in the load order to see if that resolves any issues.

What I would also like to have added and still might

  • Shutters on windows and external doors. I did try but requires custom animations which I cannot do. I don't want to just scale the existing garage doors.
  • Lighting changes. At night the basement looks a little darker. I can fix it, but need to really test that bit out and it's not too much of an issue. I might make the basement optionally lighter too. Maybe controlled by the terminal.

I will upload to Xbox at some point but want to make sure it works okay on PC first.


Of course massive thanks to Bethesda, Nexus, the community and anyone reading to this point. I have included the source code in the BA2, it's not that tidy ( should have done more comments ) but I think it's straight forward to follow.