Fallout 4

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This mod replaces the texture of quite a few containers in the game.

Permissions and credits
By the way, Thanks to everyone who's downloaded and endorsed this file. We made it to the hot files! Wow. That was totally unexpected. Thanks!

What this mod does::
So this mod started as a suitcase texture replacer (hence the name) but it's grown into much much more.  At first I wanted to offer more variety to the vanilla suitcase, because it just bothers me that every suitcase in the Fallout world looks exactly like every other suitcase in the Fallout world. I figure that the settlers of the commonwealth know what to do with a needle and thread, I mean, come on, they can make armor from bits of cloth and aluminum cans, but they are lugging around, boring, 200 year old suitcases everywhere?  I say nay.  So I simply replaced the suitcase with one of 24 textures -- so, yeah, they all still looked exactly the same (ironic, I know), but what can you do? It's a learning process! 

Anyway, I started with suitcases... and it kinda grew from there.  Now there are suitcases, duffle bags, coolers, metal boxes, wooden boxes, footlockers, tool boxes, tool chests, and cap stash tins.  This mod is a simple texture replacer. If you want to put the different textures in your settlements, see our other mod -- linked below. Basically, this has been a good learning experience for us (we're a husband and wife team) and we're having fun learning how to do it. Whenever we add new textures, we'll add them to both mods.

If you want all of these in the the world (and optionally in your settlement workshop), try our other mod, A Variety of Containers.

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Installation: Download the FOMOD and chose a texture for each container. If you want to see more than one texture in the world download our A Variety of Containers mod.

Manual install: (We totally had these wrong before, and I'm sorry for that. Like I said, we're learning) Extract the files from the .rar to a convenient location. Find the texture you want. Make a copy, rename to "XXX_d.dds" ("XXX" is the texture you're replacing, so if it's a suitcase texture it would suitcase_d.dds) and create a file path for Fallout to find: Fallout4\data\textures\setdressing\XXX for all but the footlockers and bottlecap tins... those would be ...\textures\props\XXX. Move your new file there.  We highly recommend installing with a mod manager unless you know what you're doing.

Uninstall: It's a texture replacer, if you uninstall with your mod manager the suitcases will go back to the vanilla texture.  This can be installed and uninstalled at any time. 

If you manually installed the textures, just delete the files you installed. 

Conflicts: This will obviously conflict with anything that changes the texture of the the containers in the mod, but as far as I know, there isn't another mod that does that. If you have a mod that conflicts, then you'll have to chose which one you like better, load the one you like better later in your load list, the one that loads last "wins" the conflict. It's that simple.

Changelog: Update, July 29, 2017: Added a bunch of new container types... metal boxes, wood crates, footlockers, toolboxes, and tool crates. Also added a Nuka Cola cap stash tin texture. Enjoy! These have also been added to our A Variety of Containers mod, and thus scattered out in the game world. So if you want to see them in the world, download that mod.

Update, June 20, 2017: Added some new textures, including several new duffle bags, and a Nuka Cola themed suitcase, cooler, and dufflebag. Also added some retextures of the bottle cap tin (caps stash)!  The bottle cap tins are a work in progress, but the rest, well, we hope you like them.  Enjoy! 

Update, May 17. 2017:  For everyone tracking this mod wanting the out in the world replacement, check out our "A Variety of Containers" mod -- updated today with an optional file to do this very thing.  If you don't want to have these in the workshop, let us know and we'll see about adding the esp to this mod as well.

Update, May 12, 2017: Now, in addition to the 23 suitcase textures, the installer also handles separate install pages for 10 cooler textures, and 4 duffel bag textures.

Credits: The mod was made using Photoshop, nifskope, Material Editor, and the Creation Kit. Thank you XunAmarox for the FOMOD tutorial, it was invaluable.  Almost all of the textures came from Textures.com  and myfreetextures.com. The lips on "Hot Lips" cooler came from Vecteezy.com.  The "Artsy" suitcase came from Fantasy stock textures. We also got some excellent advice from fellow modders, fadingsignal  and D81, without which we might still be scratching our heads.  Thanks, you guys! 

Permissions:  Don't upload this file anywhere else without our permission.  Thanks.