Fallout 4
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A very small player home packed with character!

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A tiny little home with a boatload of spunk. Discover the sad tale of it's former owners, or just move in and instantly feel well at home. Chock full of custom meshes and textures, including the house frame itself. The day-night cycle makes it feel less like a separate cell.

I was given the challenge by one of my fellow CREAtive Clutter modders to finally complete a player home mod. And least to say I may have gone a little bit overboard, but I love how the final product turned out. Each room has a scripted light switch which will toggle the lights on or off and the bathtub will fill or drain from the faucet. Bathing will give you a temporary perk to make you more persuasive during charisma checks. People like clean people, even in the post-apocalypse.

Where is the key?

There are three ways to get the key into the riverside bungalow.
  1. wander around out back of the house by the river until you meet "someone"
  2. go visit Ethel at Sandy Coves Convalescent Home
  3. or console it with xx0053F5

What The House Includes:
  • power armor station out back (connected to main storage box)
  • two cooking stations (big stove and camp stove, connected to main box)
  • mini armor bench (also connected)
  • mini chem bench (you get the picture)
  • mini weapons bench (duh)
  • scripted, filling bath
  • scripted light switches
  • day-night cycle for exterior light sources
  • companion sandbox markers
  • plenty of custom or interesting containers
  • magazine rack (small)
  • 5 bobble head display locations (fits 1 in each) <-- check pic for locations
  • map marker
  • terminal with holotape capabilities


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