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Its been 200 years, Many of come and gone looking for Sanctuary. Some thought they found it, most realized they were wrong.

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"Sanctuary Lost"

This started as simply a way to have sanctuary clean and semi fortified when i started a new game. Then i realized its been 200 years, someone would have settled here already. For now its simply a clean version of sanctuary. Very early WIP. Now Requires all the DLC to Function.

Things to do:
- Finish setting up decor and enviroment.
- Set up Quest and Story.

This is my first mod, i apperciate any constructive criticism, advice or ideas.

Sanctuary cleaned up. Bridge rebuilt and basic settlement stuffs placed.

Codsworth diarys (unfinished and unfinilized) (Spoilers for future Quest). Placed in Player Home.  

You're Special, and Grognak books returned to playerhome. Cooking Stove added to main settlement house.

Grognak magazine now works properly. Resource building added in to compensate for loss of scrapping materials. Chemistry Station also added in resource building.

Linked Chemstation and Cooking Stove to Workbench, General Cleanup.

Dead Bodies and Platforms can now be Manipulated through the workshop.

Fixed every dresser having 250 Ballistic Fiber in its inventory.

Fixed BOS platforms not being able to be built upon in workshop mode.

This is a Version containing the unfinished Quest Bunker. Its going to be a massive underground complex built with quite a story. Don't explore it if you don't want to ruin the fun. The New Bunker complex is now about 90% complete. Partial Lighting and Navmeshing Started. I will be officially start designing the quest and filling the bunker with general lore friendly information. I will be trying to fill in a lot of what is missing in the lore with my own personal take on what happened to the military after the war.