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Clean up those nasty piles of trash!

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I made the news on PCGamer.com!

A note on performance: This mod alters what is called "Precombined Data," which is something Fallout 4 uses to improve rendering speed.  You may notice a drop in framerate while using this mod.   

Check out my new mod, Commonwealth Cleanup to remove much more than trash: cars, gore bags, barrels, etc

Added a "No Loot" optional file.  Now you can clean up those trash piles without stopping at your workbench and without the loot spam.

Are you offended by 200 years of garbage littering your beloved Commonwealth?

Well, here's your chance to do something about it!

Commonwealth Trash Collection
lets YOU, The Sole Survivor, collect those piles of trash and place them in the proper receptacles!  And by that, I mean, your workbenches, because there's a lot of valuable scrap in those piles of junk.  Seriously, your inventory will fill up fast, and there's, like, thirty thousand of these trash piles, so you've got your work cut out for you.

Warning: The Commonwealth has no formal trash collection service.  Trash piles may reappear from time to time.