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The Ghost in the Shell protagonist. Now available in the Commonwealth.

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Major Kusanagi is now available to you in the Commonwealth. It's not perfect but it's all I've got.



  • Download the required mods and Install them using your favorite mod manager.
  • Download my preset file. Extract the .json file to - *Fallout 4 Installation directory*/Data/F4SE/Plugins/F4EE/Presets/*HERE*
  • Start your game using f4se.exe.(Required for LooksMenu to work.)
  • When in-game bring down the console with ~ and type- "slm player 1", without the quotation marks.
  • Press R to bring up the list of LooksMenu Presets you have and select MotokoKusanagi. The preset should load. Press enter when done and save.
  • Behold our favourite Cyborg!

MODS FEATURED IN THE SCREENSHOTSNot necessary but highly recommended