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Allows you to grow Experimental Plants and brew Experimental Tea

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This mod allows you to grow the Experimental Plants found on the Prydwen. In addition this also allows you to brew a tea from the plants based on the tea mentioned in one of the terminals.

Single plants require 1 Experimental Plant and are planted in dirt like any other crop. Produces 0.5 food for the settlement. (Added in V2)

Planters now require 4 Experimental Plants, 2 steel, and 2 fertilizer (Changed in V2). Produce 2 food for the settlement.

Now the tea can be brewed at any cooking station under beverages. The tea is easy to produce and only costs 1 Experimental Plant and 1 Purified Water. The tea will restore 150 points of health, increase your max health by 50, and increase endurance by 2 for 5 minutes. Though I also made it so that you can become addicted to the tea, the addiction reducing your charisma by 2.

V2 Added single plants and changed planters to require 4 plants now