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This mod adds a P90 apparel as an addon to Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster based on FN P90. This mod currently replaces the AssaultRifle.nif (let's face it who even uses that ugly thing) present in Armorsmith Extended; all three mods are required to insure proper functionalities

The apparel position on body is made based on New Vegas holster position (see attached images for more details); I created it based on CBBE Vanila body so putting it on male bodies may causes clippings. If so please adjust it with Bodyslide studio.


Please download and install the file using Nexus Mod Manager. It really saves you a lot more time and effort than you may realise. 

To install it manually unpack the zip file, then copy and paste the Data folder into your Fallout 4 main folder You can acquire the folder location via Steam.

[Acquiring the item in-game]

You can either craft the item from the exclusive AE crafting bench or get it from console command; type help ( "Assault" 4 armo) without the "( )"and ID will appear. Type (player.additem "id" 1) without the "( )" to get it. 

Future plans include making it stand alone and adding different variants. NO ETA.

[What's New]

Ver 1.1

Added a different variant of P90 apparel with slight adjustments to attachments and textures. The New variant is made to appear more worn-out.

Special Thanks to The Shinny Haxorus for the amazing P90; registrator2000 for Visible Weapons and Gambit77 for Armorsmith Extended.