About this mod

Ada Wong, one of the most renowned names in gaming history, now in Fallout 4.

Permissions and credits
I was playing RE7 recently and It dawned on me that I missed Ada a lot. She is one of my favorite female characters in gaming. So I went ahead and created her on Fallout 4. Try the preset yourself and see if it suits your taste.

Comment if you desire some more.



  1. Download the required mods and Install them using your favorite mod manager.
  2. Download my preset file. Extract the .json file to -  *Fallout 4 Installation directory*/Data/F4SE/Plugins/F4EE/Presets/*HERE*
  3. Start your game using f4se.exe.(Required for LooksMenu to work.)
  4. When in-game bring down the console with ~ and type- "slm player 1", without the quotation marks.
  5. Press R to bring up the list of LooksMenu Presets you have and select Ada Wong. The preset should load. Press enter when done and save.
  6. Le Ada Wong.

MODS FEATURED IN THE SCREENSHOTS- Not necessary but highly recommended