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A small survival mod that enables an autosave after waiting in any furniture.

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This small and lightweight mod simply creates an autosave after the player waits in any furniture, whether its a park bench in Goodnieghbor, the overseer's chair in the Vault 81, or even a couch dumped in the middle of nowhere long ago.

I created this because I felt like sitting down to rest, collect yourself, and reflect on past experience for an hour was a good way for a character to save and I didn't find any mod that did such a thing.  This also gives waiting on furniture a good purpose in survival mode and circumvents the player from searching strictly for beds if they desire to make a quick save.

If you have the mindset that this would be considered cheating for you compared to vanilla survival mode, just know that you're kind of right, but not entirely because there are few pros and cons for this feature and a lot of these are related to how waiting worked in vanilla survival mode.

Pros vs Vanilla
  • There are many more chairs and sofas then beds, and the majority, if not all of them are free to use so there are many more spots to make a save.
  • Because waiting doesn't count as sleeping, you don't have to disturb your sleep cycle to make a save, your adrenaline perk will remain unaffected, and you can't catch diseases while waiting (no matter how dirty the chair you just sat on).
Cons vs Vanilla
  • Unlike beds, which negates the speed of becoming thirsty and hungry to 25% when sleeping, waiting on furniture doesn't suppress these and sleep, so you may find yourself quickly becoming thirsty, hungry, or tired if you wait around excessively.
  • Because waiting isn't sleeping, you don't gain any rest to lower your tiredness unlike a bed.
  • You still "waste" a minimum of an hour to make a save.

Overall, this is a good balance between the strict hardcoreness of true survival mode versus a mod that lets you make autosaves whenever you want.

Optional Files

Not when Tired: If you feel that this mod gives you too many opportunities to save, this optional file replaces the script to add a condition to check if the player is tired at all.  If so, it will not autosave and will state a message saying so.  After all, it's hard to "collect yourself and reflect on past experience" when you keep dozing off. :P 


This should be compatible with anything and everything as it does not touch any vanilla records.


Recommended: download and install through NMM.

This works if you're installing this in an existing save (no new game required) and it should be generally safe to uninstall from your save if one desires, but know that uninstalling mods in the middle of a playthrough is never recommended, both by mod creators and bethesda developers themselves.

Concerning Console Availability

It's possible, might look into it.

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