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Overhaul of the Intimidation perk adding many new options as well as the return of the Mesmetron from Fallout 3.

Permissions and credits

V2.0.* is not compatible with V1.0.1 saves

This is my overhaul of the intimidation perk.

You now have a few new dialogue options.

Dialogue Options:
The first set of options:
  • Flee: makes the NPC run away. If they have a slave collar on them after five seconds pop!
  • A Fleeing NPC doesn't care if you sheath your weapon.
  • Mug: Take someone else's hard earned caps. Or if mezzed open inventory.
  • Command/End Command: An invisible speech check that replicates Intimidation perk level 3. Guaranteed success if the NPC is enslaved,mezzed or bound. If the NPC is command this option will end the command state.
  • More. Moves to the second set

The Second set of options:
  • Frenzy/End Frenzy: Just like Command but replicating Intimidation level 2.
  • Enslave/End Enslave: You must have a slave collar in your inventory. An NPC can resist, but If successful an NPC will enter the Enslaved state.
  • Bind/Unbind: If you have Handcuffs or Sturdy Handcuffs. You can attempt to bind NPCs if you succeed they will enter the Bound state.
  • Return: brings you back to the first set

NPC's can be in different states.
The list of states:
  • Pacified: The basic state all intimidated NPC's are in. Pacified NPC's have a 50% chance to drop their weapon when first pacified.
  • Commanded: A commanded NPC will follower the player and fight for them
  • Frenzied: A Frenzied NPC fights for the player or if Mezzed fights the player and their friends.
  • Enslaved: An Enslaved NPC will negate most pacification ending events.
  • Bound: A bound NPC has been handcuffed and restricts the amount of pacification ending events.
  • Restrained: A restrained NPC is like a bound NPC but is in prisoner shackles from Nuka-World or a pillory from Contraptions workshop.
  • Mezzed: A Mezzed NPC has been pacified by the Mesmetron, in their delusion they will accept what you say with no resistance.

Some of these states are mutually exclusive with other states.
Mezzed and Enslaved are the only states that an NPC can have at the same time as other states.

The Mesmetron:
New in Version 2.0 is the Mesmetron from fallout 3.
You can find the prototype Mesmetron on a table at the end of Hallucigen Labs with 5 Mesmetron power cells.
More Mesmetron power cells can be bought from weapon vendors at level 23.
The Mesmetron has a 50% chance to "mezz"(pacify) a target.
A 30% chance to frenzy a target.
Frenzying an NPC with the Mesmetron will popup the nerd rage perk as of Version 2.0.2.
And a 20% chance to make a targets head explode.
And if you shoot an enslaved NPC their head will explode.

The Mesmetron also has two craftable scopes. Standard and reflex.

New in Version 2.0.5 is a new model by sythropo. The projectiles have also been changed to use the robobrain mesmetron projectiles.
The mesmetron has reloading animations!

Binding NPCs:
You can bind NPCs if you have handcuffs or sturdy handcuffs in your inventory.
Sturdy handcuffs can be crafted at a chemistry station will components or vanilla handcuffs. Sturdy handcuffs cannot be scrapped to no accidental scrapping your handcuffs.
You can open a bound NPC's inventory and take whatever you want. A bound NPC will try to escape if you leave the area.

Enslaving NPCs:
You can Enslave NPCs if you have a slave collar in your inventory.
Slave collars can be crafted at a chemistry station.
An Enslaved NPC will not stop being pacified until the collar is off one way or another.
An Enslaved bound NPC will not attempt escape.

Having Issues?:
Please install the Debug version of the mod. Message boxes will appear please include what they say and the order in your bug reports.
I would also recommend moving the Debug version around your load order if the message boxes don't appear.

Nuka-World, Automatron, and Contraptions for V2.0.*

This mod was inspired by Intimidation Reborn by Champion Hunter

Mesmetron model and textures by sythropo.

Read TexashokiesMods_License.txt in the readmes folder in data
If you wish to use the 2.0.5 Mesmetron model and textures you must follow sythropo's permissions found here: