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Finally finished my 'Third Rail Mod' to add a more lively feel to the bar. Also ive used the 'Better Third Rail' Mod by Mika999 to enhance the experience. The original file can be found below

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Having been playing Fallout 4 for so long on PS4 i decided to get the PC version to play around with mods. I found that in certain areas of the game, Bethesda had kind of diluted the experience when it comes to audio immersion. So i've finally got round to start this new series of upgrades to key areas that i found really lacking in the audio department. I'm open to suggestions for areas that i have not yet thought about so please comment and i'll see what i can do.

Ok, this is technically my second audio mod, i started a Diamond city mod to test the water and it proved succesfull thanks to input from 'Kinggath' and everyone who downloaded it, ill be re-releasing the Diamond City mod shortly after this one with a more efficient file.

There are two file types here that I'm uploading, the first is just an upgrade to the original Third Rail adding the audio only, the second file uses another mod called 'Better The Third Rail' by Mika999 which vastly improves the whole Third Rail with more dynamic npcs and generally adds more life to the Bar. I'll put a link on here to a video on youtube which showcases this more in its glory so check that out and see which version you prefer.

V1.1 - I've now included a file that removes the song that plays during the bar sequence so it doesn't interfere with the bar singer



- Automatron (dlc)

Click on the files tab above and choose which version you'd like and install with NMM

******please note, if you install the upgraded 'Third Rail' mod then you will need to move the plugin 'trainbar.esp' further up the load order list for this to work.

Also if you do download Mika999's version of the bar on here then please go to the original file on the nexus and leave him an endorse as his mods are incredible (links below)

Lastly. please endorse this mod if you like it, ill try and answer any questions or comments as often as I can. Stay Tuned for more Yoshubi Audio mods

Tim Yoshubi

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