Fallout 4

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A neat "little" Playerhome with really everything you ever could wish for.

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is a nice Player home with a metric sh!t ton of functionality and a little Quest to obtain it.
There is so much to tell you, that iam honestly don't know where to start.

Change Log
Fixed a roombound wich didnt render powerarmors correctly
Thank's to RpWalle123 for telling me about this issue.

IMPORTANT!!!! Leave the Vault before you update from V1.01!

Added a Interior Workshop (Linked with the exterior workshop)
wich allows you to place new items and decorate your new home Important Notice! the existing decoration can not be scrapped yet
this feature will be added within the next update!

Changed the model for the Interior Doors (they move a bit faster, sound a bit better, look so much nicer)

it is located between the Boston Mayoral Shelter and the Poseidon reservoir
(see images for more details)

after you gained acces to the vault you get 2 mapmarkers
1. That brings you right in front of the Building
2. That teleports you right inside the vault (to prevent unnecesary loading screens while fast traveling)
you are also able to fast trvel directly from inside for exact that reason.

The Quest
The quest starts automatically as soon as you start the game and is called "enjoy your stay"
IMPORTANT  !!!you have to follow this quest in order to make the home propperly!!!
it is a pretty short "fetch the key" quest and it will guide you where to go via markers.

The Layout ext.

The Exterior cell contains the mainbuilding with 2 storey's and a roof acces
this area has a workshop and you are free to place/remove stuff as you wish,there are 4 small silver blocks if you choose to scrap them the coresponding area will get cleaned up and the pre-decorations wil be removed, i highly recommend to safe your game before you do that...better be safe than sorry.
the grill on the top cant be removed and is like ever other workbench linked to the workshop, it also has a neat little flame animation for at least a little bit of immersion. for more details see the terminal in the bedroom.

The Layout int.

Main Hall

(glass floor and ceiling) and 1 maybe 2 lightswitches....yeah okay there are a fckillion of them, just kidding 1 next to each door.


-Well rested Bed
-Dog Bed (the sleepingback)
-Hidden Safe behind a Painting(klick on the painting and wait a sec)
-Terminal(for your holotapes and more information) it allows you also to start/stop the automatic doors
-Modelbot shelf above the desk (just put your models in here to get them displayed)
-bobblehead display/Magazineracks work as the normal ones
-Power armor mobile (eye-candy)
-Deliverer guncase (put the deliverer in here to get it displayed)(yes you have to bring your own)


-Cookingstove(like the normal ones and also linked to the workshop)
-Fridge (animated Lighting)
-Hydroponics farm(regrows after 5minutes realtime after the harvest) the valve/watering is eye-candy...immersion
-overhead projector (watch the good old g.o.a.t)
-fireplace (more eye-candy)
-Protectron mobile (even more eye-candy)


-Armor Racks(Display your armor)
-Storage plenty of storage
-Weapons workbench(uses the model of the Workschop-workbench just for a nicer fit)
-Powerarmor benches for every type 1 (named on the floor)
-2 dynamic shelfes 1 for explosives and 1 for ammo(place the items in there and they will be displayed
-cryolator case to store this beautiful beast (gets also displayed) and yes you have to bring your own
-armor workbench
...and the list goes on


-Barber chair (free haircut anyone?)
-Rad removing shower (step in,turn it on and wait a littlebit)

Medical Area

-Chemistry Station (free drugs ,yay!)
-Surgical Chair (Immersion Level over 9000!)
-more storage

in general ,every room has its own light/lightswitch combination
and remember this is v1.0 there could be some bugs you run into, if so just let me know and i fix them ASAP.

Credits and Legal
For the audio used at the g.o.a.t show
Waltz of Treachery Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Very Special Thanks to Seddo4494 for his incredible Tutorials on youtube.
you can find his channel here Seddon4494 you might want to watch thoose guides to help you modding.

Please if you want to make a video just fell free to do so i would highly appreciate it.