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This is a simple mod that allows you to craft BoS Underarmor and Vault Suits (including Proto Vault Suits), and to modify them.

Permissions and credits
News Update
I have been busy the last couple of weeks, so I haven't had the opportunity to update my mods as I would have liked.  Rest assured, I'm still working on this.  While I have been working on my other expansions, I have noticed that many times I'm duplicating work across mods.  That said, I have decided to create a single common file that will be required by all my mods in the future.  This will unfortunately break my existing mods, but it is for the best as it will assure upgradability from now on.  One other point of note, I had originally planned on making CBBE, AE, and VIS patches for my mods.  After looking things over, I have decided that doing so would be difficult to keep up with, so I am going to consolidate all these patches into my mods for simplicity's sake.  As with making the shared mod, this will make improving and updating my mods much easier to maintain.  My apologies for any inconvenience.  These changes will be implemented with my next update.

In our world, we have a tradition of collecting and cataloging the world's arms, armor, vehicles, aircraft, and naval vessels of war for the purpose of training and identification.  For decades, Jane's has fulfilled this informational supply.

In keeping with this fine tradition, I introduce the recently rediscovered Jill's catalog, the Fallout universe's contemporary to Jane's starting with the ever popular Skinsuit Edition of the Armored Infantry of the Fusion Age, newly restored.

This first edition printing covers the iconic Vault Suit and ever popular Brotherhood of Steel underarmor.  We discover principles of their manufacture, and the modifications common to the Commonwealth.

I wanted to be able to build and modify vault suits with a degree of customization lacking in vanilla Fallout, and under-represented in the various mods I have found in the wild.  Since they are a form of underarmor (skinsuit), I decided that I would start a series of mods that interoperate with each other to extend and expand the capability of modding variety within the various assets where feasible.  There are many good mods that fit this category, and so I will include them and expand upon their offerings as I am able.

I'm a coder by trade.  It is my desire to provide you good quality mods as fast as possible, but I also want other artists to get credit for their work in the most meaningful way.  This means that you should first download their mod prior to installing mine.  Initially, I will include existing assets from authors from whom I have obtained permission to use their mods.  My goal is to create a scripted tool to extract any required assets from the archives of the authors in question and format them so that they are compatible with my mod.  The primary reason for this is that many of the mods in question are asset replacers, and are not able to showcase their beauty without hiding assets from the base game.  This is a shame.  So, this is where I and my (future) tool come into play.  I look forward to bringing you as many of these wonderful assets as I am allowed and am able so that you can get the most from these assets in terms of compatibility and more importantly, variety.

Future Improvements:
JSE has a lot of room for growth. 

I will be expanding color varieties (within reason) as time and temperament (mine) permits.  I like variety, and I believe you do too.  So, if I do include color varieties, I will likely limit them to primary colors and pastels.  In the case of military items, I will include camouflage combinations reflecting major design ideologies through history from traditional to modern digital.  I may include some futuristic varieties (like hexagonal)...we shall see. 

Of course, I am always open to assistance in this area as I am only one person.  It takes me hours to prepare an existing asset for color conversions.  Once those assets are prepped, it takes me no time to make color combinations.  I'm not so good at creating new assets from scratch.  I lack the formal training and natural talent that usually combine to make great assets.  So, if you are a modeler or a texture artist, and you want to volunteer your talent to developing this and other of my mods, your help will be greatly appreciated.

I also plan on going through the game assets and converting everything vanilla (including DLC) over to my equivalent replacement.  So, every character you see wearing a BoS underarmor or vault suit, and everywhere you see vault suits and underarmor lying around, I will switch them over to references to my assets for better consistency. The same is true for leveled lists as well.

Lastly, I will be including a small quest at some point in the future to find and gain access to crafting the prototype vault suits from Proto Vault Suits.  For now, simply enjoy crafting them without restraint.  When I do add this quest, it should not impact any suits you have already made.  Only your access to crafting them should be adjusted.  This will hopefully turn out to be an immersive addition that makes sense in the Fallout universe.  I am also considering a second larger quest based on the name of the "Stark" variant of the Proto Vault Suit.  It will include a wholly owned subsidiary to VaultTec called "StarkTec", who will represent an R&D branch of VaultTec, complete with suitable (and subtle) references to Tony Stark, Iron Man, and the Avengers that will hopefully be immersive enough to not be lore breaking.

Included with this edition of Jill's is the all new Proto Vault Suit collection.  Now you can mod out your vault suit with more options!  Now includes child vault suits!  Bomber Jackets and Battle Coats are now craftable separate from the underarmor that was previously attached.  Updates in the works, so check back regularly for updated content!

Guffeh's Kerrigan Bodysuit is in the works.  Be prepared!  This is a major overhaul of the famous bodysuit and will allow a much greater degree of customization.  I have doubled the number of color combinations previously available, including new colors!

Nanosuit and NanoArmor (probably as an AIO)

Planned (in no particular order)
HN66s SIRIUS.12 Assault Suit (but not until I have my extraction tool working due to the restriction)
Courser X-92 Power Suit and Male Add-on (as AIO)

These are some mods I have requested to use, but have not yet received a reply from the authors.  They haven't even seen the requests yet due to inactivity.  Such is life.
Kerrigan space colors by FGmodule

Speaking of requests, if you have any, feel free to ask.  I will work with mod authors to include their work if there is enough interest, or I will add them once the tool is ready.

I want to thank the following mod authors for graciously allowing me to include their work in this mod and upcoming expansions.

nitronizer: for allowing me to use the wonderful Proto Vault Suit mod.
scranseco: for allowing me to use the Proto Vault Suit - Standalone.
guffeh: for letting me use the spectacular Kerrigan Bodysuit, and Flaicher and Vasstek who contributed to it.
vasstek: for allowing me to use both Nanosuit and NanoArmor mods.
humannature66: for allowing me to use HN66s SIRIUS.12 Assault Suit with the restriction of not re-uploading the meshes or textures.
nsk13: for open permission (on mod page) to use the Courser X-92 Power Suit with the restriction of only uploading his assets on the Nexus.
nivea: for permission to use the Courser X-92 Power Suit Male Addon contingent upon nsk13's permission (which was granted on the mod page).

More to come!

Version History:
0.6.1 - 06/05/2017
- Child vault suits now visible in inventory and modable.

0.6 - 03/05/2017
- Performed a lot of cleanup in the mod removing unnecessary material swaps and keyword usage.
- Made the Bomber Jacket and Battle Coat separate pieces of armor (per request).
- Child vault suits are now craftable though remain unmoddable (invisible in inventory) for the moment.

0.5 - 29/04/2017
- Initial release

This mod is incompatible with any mod that modifies the dn_VaultSuit Instance Naming Rules.  Never fear!  Compatibility patches will be made for specific popular mods such as Valdacil's Item Sorting.

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