Fallout 4
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  1. Gaming_Geek
    • member
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    If you removed the warning labels from these I would 100% endorse it.

    The whole idea of the warning labels is silly given what we know of the Fallout pre-war USA.
  2. eventHandler
    • premium
    • 265 posts
    • 24 kudos
    I don't think they would have negative warnings in FO4 US. More likely it would say something like " Doctor recommended to keep you fit, and guaranteed to impress the gals."

    Smoking keeps you looking young, your skin shining, and your body fit. Smoking is an American pastime. You wouldn't see a red commie bastard smoking Grey Tortoise. Show everyone you're a real American.
  3. trpc21
    • account closed
    • 223 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Love the detail, especially the very blatant "Surgeon General's warning" lol
  4. ShinraStrife
    • supporter
    • 346 posts
    • 9 kudos
    I lol'ed so hard when I saw the smoking is bad for your skin with the ghoul next to it XD Nice touch.
  5. gluumba
    • supporter
    • 923 posts
    • 17 kudos
    before and after pictures please
    1. BlastoLho
      • premium
      • 74 posts
      • 32 kudos
      I add before/After pics..
  6. Nephatrine
    • supporter
    • 340 posts
    • 19 kudos
    Awesome work!