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Adds helper items which will eat or drink other items from your inventory. Designed with hotkeys and Survival mode in mind to take care of those pesky needs.

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Sidelias Convienent Food and Drink QOL

Ever get annoyed by having to constantly eat or drink from your pipboy in survival mode just to keep your fatigue down? Ever wished you could simply set a hotkey to eat any food you're lugging around in your pockets? Well now you can.

This mod adds two helper items in the Aid tab of your inventory. These will use another food or drink item from your inventory, if you have one.

Eat Something
Will choose food in the following order:
  • Cooked food
  • Pre-war food
  • Food / drink combos (Noodle Cup, etc)
  • Raw wild food (Wild Corn, etc)
  • Radioactive food (Potato Crisps, InstaMash, etc)
  • Raw meats

Drink Something
Will choose drink in the following order:
  • Purified water & Institute water
  • Deezers Lemonade
  • Refreshing Beverage
  • Food / drink combos (Noodle Cup, etc)
  • Melons
  • Dirty water

If your player is hungry when you drink, the [Drink Something] action will favor food / drink combos over pure drinks. Same goes for food.

If you want to use the custom [Activator] tag in DEF_UI with an icon, you can follow these steps

Add to ./Data/Interface/DEF_CONV/DEF_INV_TAGS.xml :
<tag icon='book' keyword='Activator' hidetag='true'/>

Add to ./Data/Interface/lyrConf.xml :
<subCategory tag="[\[\(]Activator[\)\]]">
        <favorite type="boolean">false</favorite>
        <taggedForSearch type="boolean">false</taggedForSearch>
        <isLegendary type="boolean">false</isLegendary>
        <filterFlag type="int">512</filterFlag>
        <equipState type="int">0</equipState>
        <text>{Activator} Mod Activators</text>
        <canFavorite type="boolean">false</canFavorite>
        <filterMask type="int">520</filterMask>
        <subFilter type="int">536870912</subFilter>