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This mod adds a furnished and functional player home for your Nuka World Overboss character to the southern end of the Nuka World map. Features include inventory sorting systems, functioning light switches, a working Nuka Cola vending machine and even a bed for Dogmeat!

Permissions and credits
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a player HOME, not a player SETTLEMENT. There is no settlement workshop and one will not be added so please don’t ask. Because this is not a settlement, you will not be able to dismiss companions to the Hideaway or set up supply lines to it. Most items are static decorations, but there are a some lootable items and containers.

IMPORTANT: If you have already started playing Nuka World, and have already unlocked the safe next to the bed on the Fizztop Grille patio, I STRONGLY suggest you read the part of the mod description or READ ME labeled "
Using this mod if you have already started playing through Nuka World."

This mod requires the Nuka World DLC and the Contraptions DLC.

The Overboss Hideaway is located in Nuka World at the abandoned bookstore located south of the Nuka World Transit Station, and to the northeast of Evan’s Home.

Yeah, I know it’s located on the ass-end of Nuka World but I made this mod for my own game after finding the location and thinking it would make a great player home. I thought the elevated entrance was pretty cool, and decided to make use of it. The out-of-the way location gave rise to the little bit of lore I added to the terminal journal entries.

Because this mod was made for my own game, it suites my tastes and gameplay.

Mod Description:
This mod adds a furnished and functional player home for your Nuka World Overboss character to the southern end of the Nuka World map. To gain access to the player home you will need to have the key to the door. To get the key, you must:

1: Complete the Nuka World Gauntlet and have access to the Fizztop Grille patio.
2: Pick the lock of the safe located next to the bed on the Fizztop Grille patio. The key is located inside this safe. The safe has an Expert level lockpick which is unchanged from the vanilla game.

Once you unlock the safe and add the Overboss Hideaway Key to your inventory, your Pip Boy map is updated with a map marker showing the Hideaway location. Go there, unlock the door and enjoy your new home.

The mod promo video below will show you exactly what you need to do to get the key. 

The Overboss Hideaway comes with a little backstory concerning Overboss Colter (your predecessor as Nuka World Overboss) and his connection with the house. It can be learned about by reading his journal entries on the Book Store Terminal inside the player home.

Mod Release Video:


The player home has many interactive and scripted features as described below.

Mod Details:
The mod features:
- Discoverable map marker

- Custom design workbenches (cooking, weapons, armor, chem)

- All workbenches are linked to common storage to share crafting resources

- A power armor station replaces the chem and cooking stations on the exterior cell porch; it is also linked to the workbench shared storage

- Functioning light switches; lights are off by default

- Lights can also be controlled via the Terminal

- Nuka-Mixer Station in the Kitchen

- Nuka-Cola Display shelves: two are custom Nuka-Cola Display shelves, one is from the Nuka World DLC

- Contraptions DLC weapon display racks

- Contraptions DLC Armor Displays: gender of mannequins can be changed via the terminals to match your character gender

- Two inventory sorting systems: one container-based, the other terminal based

- Working Nuka Cola vending machine: Dispenses Nuka Cola flavors using Pre War Money as payment

- Working refrigerator, the Nuka Fridge: Insert any Nuka Cola or Gwinnett beer variant and it will be come Ice Cold with the associated buff in six hours

- Interactive storage units: Ammo shelf, weapons storage, chem shelf, and food shelf display clutter when items of each category are added. Clutter will deactivate when container is emptied

- Trash Compactor unit that breaks all scrappable junk items into their base components and transfers them to the shared workbench storage

- Functional Surgery Chair and Barber Chair

- Functioning bathtub water in bathroom

- Clean water sources from sinks

- Two working radios: the upstairs radio plays Diamond City Radio; the downstairs radio plays Nuka World Raider Radio

- LOTS of storage! All containers are flagged to not respawn

- You can fast travel from the interior cell

- Bed is personalized with player’s name and gives the Well Rested and Lover’s Embrace Bonuses

- A functional bed for Dogmeat. Command him to use it and he’ll lie down on it and stay out of your way!

- Fully navmeshed for companions with idle and comment markers throughout the house

- Sky is visible through the interior windows with a full day/night lighting cycle with complete weather effects. For example, if there is a rain or radstorm outside, you will see the lighting and hear the thunder, etc. but will not be effected by radiation

Please look at the READ ME for detailed information on the interactive and scripted features. MUCH more information is posted there to not clutter up the description area. 

Use the mod manager of your choice,

Or to install manually:
Extract the archive. It contains three files:
RRTV_OverbossHideaway – Main.BA2
RRTV_OverbossHideaway – Textures.BA2

Place all three files into your Data folder.

Potential conflicts with other Nuka World mods:
As with anytime you use multiple mods that modify the same cell, there is ALWAYS a potential for conflicts. Such is the nature of modding.
It is YOUR responsibility to determine and identify potential mod conflicts for YOUR game.

The Beantown Interiors Project:
This mod will conflict with The Beantown Interiors Project mod if you use it in Nuka World, as it modifies the abandoned house directly across the street from the Hideaway location (cell ID: DLC04POIRJ03). Both mods make changes to the same cell, and in my testing I was experiencing severe culling and worldspace flickering as a result.

Therefore, I have created a compatibility patch which merely regenerates the precombined meshes and previs files for the affected cell and resovles the culling/flickering. The patch makes no other changes.

The patch is available in the Optional files section. Use/install it ONLY if you are using Beantown Interiors! If you aren’t using BT Interiors for Nuka World, you DO NOT NEED THE PATCH AND SHOULD NOT USE IT!

If you are using BT Interiors and use my patch, I suggest the following load order for this mod, BT Interiors and the compatibility patch:


Using the patch in the above load order resolved the worldspace culling I was experiencing. The only issue to note is the textures of the refrigerator, stove and half-buried table inside the BT Interiors building flicker slightly as if they are being rendered twice (which is likely the cause). It wasn’t worth tracking down and fixing as you can’t see it from the outside and resolving the worldspace culling was far more important and game breaking for me.

Mods that modify the Fizztop Grille Patio:
If you use any mods that make changes to the Fizztop Grille patio (including my Fizztop Grille Enhancements mod) make sure you place this mod BELOW those other mods in your load order. If you don’t, there is a good chance the Hideaway Key won’t be in the safe when you unlock it.

I don’t use any Nuka World mods (other than the two mentioned above) so I haven’t tested any. You’re on your own for that. I also have no intention of making additional compatibility patches...you’re on your own for that as well. Sorry, but I can’t get into supporting mods that I don’t use for my own game.

If I don’t use a mod in my own game, I won’t be providing support for potential conflicts.

Using this mod if you have already started playing through Nuka World:
Ideally, this mod works best with a game in which you have not yet started Nuka World. However, if you have already started Nuka World, and have already unlocked the Fizztop Grille patio safe next to the bed (the EXTERIOR safe, not the one in the interior cell), you MUST do the following:

1. BEFORE installing this mod, YOU MUST REMOVE ANY ITEMS STORED IN THE FIZZTOP GRILLE PATIO SAFE! This mod makes changes to that safe to add the key, so if you do not remove your items before installing this mod YOUR ITEMS WILL BE PERMANENTLY LOST!!! You have been warned.

2. After removing any items stored in the Fizztop Grille patio safe, travel to another cell...I suggest entering the Nuka Town Market as that is how I tested this.

3. After arriving at the new location (again,I suggest entering the Nuka Town Market) save your game, then quit to the desktop.

4. Install and activate this mod.

5. Restart your game and load the save you just made. Leave Nuka Town Market through the loading door and WALK, not fast travel, but WALK back to the Fizztop Grille patio. Walking back to the Fizztop Grille cell will help ensure the new safe with the Hideaway key properly loads into your game.

6. If done properly as I have described, the patio safe will now be locked and ready to pick. It will contain the key and additional lootable items. Note that the “new” safe still will have the same Expert lockpick level as the vanilla safe.

Mod Credits:
bLaCkShAd0w for the footlocker texture modder’s resource used for the custom footlockers:

Chucksteel for the Know your ABCs modder’s resource used for some of the signage:

The scrapping script used by the Trash Compactor is based on code posted by isathar on the Bethesda CK forum.

Darkfox127 and Seddon4494 for their amazing Creation Kit video tutorials which have been crucial to the success of every mod I’ve made.

Other Notes:
1. This mod is PC only. There will not be a console version, so please do not ask.

2. There is no settlement workshop for the player home interior cell and one will not be added so please don’t ask.

3. Based on any texture replacements you have installed in your game, the appearance of items in the mod may vary from what is shown in the screenshots and promo video. I use many texture replacements in my game and videos, and none of them are included in this mod.


Do not redistribute or alter this work without explicit permission from the original author (RedRocketTV).

This mod will not be uploaded to Bethesda.net or any other site. If you find it anywhere but on the Fallout 4 Nexus, it has been stolen. Please report it as such.

Commercial use strictly prohibited.