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Truly Unique Nick

This mod allows you to give Nick Valentine a truly unique appearance, no longer will random synths and the greatest Detective in the whole commonwealth share any features!
Included are NO(!) custom textures, only a framework that allows you to simply replace any texture you want while ensuring compatibility with any companion mod.

Originally made for Compatibility between 
More Smarter Companions Mod and Valentine REBORN.
Now also supports Horizon v1.0.

Why is this mod necessary?

If you use different textures for Nick Valentine, you will see generic Generation 2 Synths sharing those textures, usually the eyes.
Also most Companion Mods are incompatible with custom textures as their .esps change how Nick's textures are loaded.
In the base game, Synths are generated from only a few headpart files and can not be edited like humans, they all share the same textures and facial features.
Nick is coded as a normal Generation 2 Synth with a dirty skin and an Outfit that changes his body, if you remove it he will get the normal synth body.
So I created this mod, it changes Nick so he is completely loaded from his own unique files, he shares no facial features with any other synth anymore.
If you remove his standard outfit, he will still get the gen2 synth body, otherwise his head and arms would float in the air.


1. Go to Fallout 4/Data/Textures/Actors/Synths/
-> Here you will find several files named something with Valentine.
2. Look at your custom files and check what they replace.
-> Very few will replace the mouth, most the eyes, skin and face, sometimes skeleton.
3. Rename your new files to match the old ones.
-> 'Help, Nick has a purple/pink Face, looks like a Monster'
->Make sure that you renamed all required parts of one texture (_d/_n/_s, eyes _g) correct, or the materials and meshes won't load them!
-> Some authors have files for the Face that will end on _msn.dds instead of _n.dds, rename them to _n.dds.
4. Replace the old ones with your new custom textures!
5. ???
6. Profit
-> Enjoy your new and improved Nick Valentine!


More Smarter Companions Mod
Horizon v1.0

NO (but easily fixable):

ANY other mod that replaces 'Non-Player-Character (Actor)' -
in the .esp, is NOT compatible.
ANY other mod that changes something about 'Race' - 'SythnGen2RaceValentine' is
NOT compatible.

How to patch compatibility:

1. Use FO4Edit to load this .esp and the one you want to make compatible.
2. Go to 'Non-Player-Character (Actor)' - 'CompanionNickValentine' and check for conflicts.
-> You can just paste over every entry EXCEPT for 'Head Parts' and 'FTST - Head Texture'!
[3. Go to 'Race' - 'SythnGen2RaceValentine' and check for conflicts.
-> You can just paste over every entry EXCEPT for 'Male Face Details'!


With NMM (recommended):

Download with Manager and activate, choose the options you want in the installer.

Without NMM:
1. Download and extract files.
-> You will find 4 different Folders inside and a fomod one (ignore this one).
2. Choose the one you want/need and copy the content into Fallout 4/Data, overwrite
if asked.
-> Custom -- Choose this if you want to use your own textures, don't use 'Valentine
' and don't use 'More Smarter Companions Mod'.
-> Custom - MSCM -- Choose this if you want to use your own textures and
'More Smarter Companions Mod' but don't use 'Valentine REBORN'.
-> Custom - Horizon -- Choose this if you want to use your own textures and 'Horizon'.
-> Valentine Reborn -- Choose this if use the 'Valentine REBORN'
textures, but not 'More Smarter Companions Mod'.
-> Valentine Reborn - MSCM -- Choose this is you use the 'Valentine
textures and 'More Smarter Companions Mod'.
-> Valentine Reborn - Horizon -- Choose this if you use the 'Valentine REBORN'
textures and 'Horizon'.
3. Then activate the .esp the same as you normally activate .esps and enjoy
your improved Valentine!


for the amazing 'More Smarter Companions Mod'!
for 'Valentine REBORN', the texture that made this mod necessary for me,
also featured in an example image in the installer.
for 'Nick Valentine Android Face Texture'
featured as an example image in the installer, beautiful work!