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Added: 21/04/2017 - 10:40AM
Updated: 21/04/2017 - 11:47AM

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Here's the deal: you want your mistakes forgiven more, you get it — but there's a price for everything, so you have to forgive AI more yourself. Well, probably not exactly as much. ^_^
There are two versions: Alpha and Beta, where Alpha is linear and more punishing/rewarding (up to being an instagib fest on Very Hard), and Beta is more tame and easygoing.

Current rates of damage done vs damage received are as follows:

           Alpha  |    Beta    |  Vanilla
Very Easy: x1/x1  |   x1/x0.75 |    x2/x0.5
     Easy: x2/x2  |   x1/x1    |  x1.5/x0.75
   Normal: x3/x3  |   x2/x1.5  |    x1/x1
     Hard: x4/x4  | x2.5/x2    | x0.75/x1.5
Very Hard: x5/x5  |   x3/x2.5  |  x0.5/x2

For purposes of compatibility with numerous Survival tweaking mods, Survival damage rates are left unchanged from vanilla.
Also, please place this mod the lowest in your plugin list, to make sure it takes precedence over other mods that may have been altering damage scale factors (Arbitration and Better Locational Damage to name a few).

Added batch files to run if settings don't seem to apply on an existing game (you will get an error message when you run them; ignore it).