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Added: 21/04/2017 - 04:22AM
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Last updated at 4:22, 21 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 4:22, 21 Apr 2017

This mod will allow you to craft personal safes that are only accessible to the player at any settlement. Great for containing weapons, ammo, and frustration. This was made as an attempted alternative to having a safe place to store items away from those sticky fingered settlers raiders. 

The container is the same as any other settlement container except it has a simple script on it that will automatically lock itself upon being loaded, placed, or closed. When it is activated for the first time it will unlock itself and then you can activate it a second time to access its inventory. If you happen to "unlock" the safe and then not access it, it will lock itself after a 5 second cooldown.

May have a soft incompatibility with mods that affect container locks. The mods can still be installed together, but may have unwanted outcomes if attempted to be used on one another in-game.

  • Your character won't shut up about how the safe is locked or needs a key and the corresponding notification will show everytime you open the safe, despite it actually unlocking. Using a mod that mutes these responses could be considered a "fix".

Add extra types of personal storage containers by request.

You may do what you wish with the file as long as you credit me and don't distribute it on a separate mod hosting platform.

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