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An Intricate Expanses mod. Twitter @intricatexpanse , #V201SK

Deep beneath the Commonwealth, a secret project was under construction long before the Great War. A small construction crew found themselves trapped in their uncompleted work. What happened? Can you find them? Can you find Vault 201?

What you are about to find, if successful, is one of the largest and most advanced projects Vault-Tec ever attempted. It has remained a secret for over 200 years, silently waiting for anyone to discover and potentially make a home, and use it's vast resources and advanced technologies for themselves.

Keep this in mind; something that for over two hundred years has been almost completely secret, may have remained untouched for good reasons.


This mod provides the following:
 - MULTIPLE BUILD AREAS: 17 very large rooms. Each counts as a separate settlement pre-wired for 1000 power and 100 water. 
 - VERY LARGE BUILD SUPPORT: Each build room will fit a 30x46 grid of vault pieces, up to 11 stories tall. All are fully navmeshed and precombined.
     This provides somewhere between 50 and 150 TIMES the build volume of Vault 88.
 - UNDERGROUND TRAVEL: Miles of maze-like wiring chases, connecting to over a dozen commonwealth interior locations around east Boston
 - RESOURCES: A massive warehouse full of supplies and products, some no longer in existence on the surface.
 - STORY: Dozens of pages of story written within lore, and carefully augmenting the original story. Over 15,000 words...
 - STUFF: Easter eggs. Seriously. Also, a large number of custom food and misc items.
 - SENSIBLE FAUNA: This is mostly harmless exploration with a handful of EXTREMELY nasty surprises.
 - NATURAL HAZARDS: Warnings from dead men shouldn't be taken lightly. Look before you leap.
 - AMBIENCE: What should be dark, is pitch black. Ambient lighting disabled through most of mod. Bring a reliable flashlight.
 - SCALE: Underground distances are scaled 1:1 (give or take a few percent) with surface distances and directions.
 - TELEPORTERS: 1 wire linked pair, and a portable 'recall' device that instantly takes you back to the vault, even during battle.

There are 'spoiler' threads in the forum section if assistance is required. These threads unveil critical key locations,
best paths, etc.

PM me if you would like to use part of this mod as a resource. Almost everything 'new' is modularized and should be easily portable.

The custom items presented in this mod have been assembled in a resource pack for play and for modder use. This pack is located here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24742

This mod is part 1 of a series, check back for updates on those releases.
This mod is also available for Xbox One and PC on Bethesda.net, and I hope that works right.

Yes, you may eat the school paste. It's non-toxic!

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20171013 Version 3 uploaded. BA2 only, no ALT version as original BA2 issue identified and resolved
20170920 Version 2.1 BA2 file republished due to internal naming error
20170905 Version 2.1 brings version numbers in line with Bethnet, 2 issues fixed
20170902 Version 1.4 uploaded to all locations (version 2 on Bethesda.net)
20170730 Version 1.3 uploaded to Bethesda.net in PC format
20170714 Twitter account created to cover these and other mods, Intricate Expanses  @intricatexpanse
20170712 Version 1.3 ported to Xbox One and placed on Bethesda.net
20170711 Version 1.3 texture improvements, new items, signage. Fixed a couple spots of z-fighting as well.
20170627 Version 1.2.1
20170626 Version 1.2
20170621 Look at that, 1000th download. Thanks, all you players out there...
20170620 Version 1.1
20170619 Version 1.0