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Yeah, do you like the sight of your own blood?

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Performance option now available thanks to klmx from elianora's discord.

bethesda.net is FINALLY letting me log in, the console version can be downloaded here: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4014449

Okay, I got stuff to do so I'm gonna go through this real quick

this mod adds 8 outfits which are all weaveable and for male and female characters.

the army body armor is found on gunners

the dividers robes are found on children of atom

the flame trooper outfit is found on forged

the raider apostate outfit is found on raiders

the boss' tuxedo is found on skinny malone

the capo outfit is found on dino

the brown outfit is found on a dead former minutemen close to the entrance to libertalia

if you have already killed skinny and dino, go check their corpses. if the outfits are not there than you can either start a new game,add them through console commands or leave comments here that I will ignore.


I dont make patches so this will probably conflict with stuff. AND IT WILL NEVER BE CBBE COMPATIBLE

join my discord here https://discord.gg/Q2QRW6M

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