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The thing that always struck me as great about Fallout, was how dark and harsh the world is, but it's all set to some of the most uplifting music ever made. That's right, the music of the atomic age. Here I present to you 49 tracks of shopping, relaxing, and recreational music.

Music from the likes of Heinz Kiessling, Gerhard Narholz, Werner Tautz, and many other easy-listening, production, or elevator music as some put it. Pieces you'd have heard in many popular television shows as well. There's production music that was used in Spongebob, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Breaking Bad, Ren & Stimpy, and other places. Those old European library composers were pretty prominent. I hope you'll enjoy the music as much as I do.

A strange broadcast featuring the Super Duper Mart's music library has started in the wasteland, and if I didn't already lose half of my hair trying to get this mod working I might go further with this.

Anyway, here is some of the happiest and almost completely instrumental music of the era. Mostly Western European production music that would've been used for this very purpose.

A separate ESP if you want a craftable radio with the station. I've not noticed any clashes with any other mods as of yet, and I use several radio mods.

I'd like to thank RadioactiveNuke for their wonderful tutorial.

Since this is my first released mod, please be forgiving in the early issues that might occur. I've already fixed a couple of noticeable things. Just let me know and I'll try to resolve any problems within my skill set. It's possible that I will make future additions to this mod, right now I'm just happy to have something up on the Nexus to share.

Here's an example of a few of the tracks you will hear:

If you have any suggestions or solutions, I'd be happy to consider or implement them. Again, this is my first mod...I'm happy with it, and I understand it could be better. I'd like to change the files to XWMs to reduce file size, but the creation kit doesn't make that easy. Hopefully somewhere down the road I will or if someone else would like to, I'd give you full credit.

-Large wav files are now XWM files, cutting the size down considerably.
-Fixed repeating songs
-Fixed large gap of silence
-Volume was changed and Interference with Silver Shroud Radio was resolved thanks to AtomicAmelyn.