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A silly mod that makes Brahmin go nuclear when they're shot.

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ATOMIC BRAHMIN (Weaponized Cows of the Wasteland)
by Greslin
released 4/14/2017

Some days are just bad.  Raiders, Gunners, Deathclaws, Synths: you wake up in the morning and just feel the mark on your back.  And all you can do is rush to the other side, try to survive another day in the Wasteland, and maybe - just maybe - get a little closer to that little thing we call happiness.

Some days are just bad.  That's just how it is.

But the cow days?  No one should be forced to deal with the cow days.


This mod was inspired by a Nexus thread started by mrfatbard, titled "Destroy All Cows". The poster expressed frustration at the various Brahmin in the game and wanted a simple way to get rid of them.

I coded up this very silly mod in response. When a Brahmin gets hit in any way (basically, when it responds to an OnHit() event), it blows up with a mininuke explosion.  I have personally verified that you can chain-splode a bunch of them if you shoot one while others are standing nearby.  At any rate, it should certainly make your Commonwealth a bit more lively.

Think of this as the karmic balance for my "More Realistic Cats" mod. :)


By request.  This version differs from the main release in two ways.  One, generic Brahmin are now very aggressive and foolhardy, and will attack you, each other, or pretty much anything else on sight - detonating on impact.  Unique, owned, or named Brahmin are their usual cowardly selves, but also explosive.

Two, unlike as in the main release, these Brahmin leave bodies behind.  They should also respawn.

As I told the user who requested it, beware of the cows.  They play for keeps.

And no, I'm not really expecting many endorsements for this mod, but would be highly amused if this turned out to be popular. 


Always appreciated, never required. I do this stuff because I'm a hopeless Fallout addict, have been for a long time, and like pulling out the wires to see what sparks. Donations via Nexus are awesome and will result in a note of generous thanks.

All donations go directly to an important cause: my personal gaming fund. Your donations allow me to play better games, use more of my time to play them, and dedicate more of my energy to making cool mods for them. (And yes, Fallout will always be my first love.)


I am now available for mod support over Discord. Visit me here about this or any other of my mods: https://discord.gg/jMUnXDV

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==== What the gaming media is saying! ====

"Cat-Mod takes care of the cats of the end time"
- Gamestar.de (Google translated from German) March 27 2017
about "More Realistic Cats"

Read my Fallout modding blog:  https://greslinmods.wordpress.com/