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Wasteland Workshop lights overhaul. The goal is to make a more realistic and diverse light sources.

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There are two main problems with workshop lights in my opinion. They all are utterly non-realistic and they all are almost identical, except for their 3D models. There is one more common quality though - almost all of them are broken. The goal here is to address these issues and and make all lights more realistic and unique. So they all would have a slightly different usage.

Some of the lights were revorked completely, others only recieved adjustments of their radius, intensity and temperature. Some lights will no longer  consume power, some will no longer require wire connection at all. Some lights were given both "cold" and "warm" variants. Honestly it's just too many changes to give a detailed description of them all, but I will try to show you as much as possible on the screenshots as well as give some text description. Unfortunately all this can't show you all the difference, so you probably better just grab it and see on your own.

Only lights, available at the moment of the first workshop DLC realease are covered for the time being.

The list of the affected lights so far:

  • lightbulb
  • string of lighbulbs
  • blue table lamp
  • yellow table lamp
  • fancy wall lights (both of them)
  • cage wall light
  • hightech wall lights (both of them)
  • hightech ceiling light
  • track lights (all three)
  • subway light (warm&cold)
  • fluorescent light (warm&cold)
  • industrial wall light
  • street lights

Vanilla game issue fixed:

  • Subway lamp tubes will no longer glow in unpowered state.
  • Fluorescent ceiling lamp reflector will no longer appear dark, like it recieves no light.
  • Hightech wall lamps will no longer have occasional dim light issue.

A brief description of what was changed:

Industrial wall light was given a unique counterpart - a railing industrial light. You can snap it to the metal railings and attach a wire to it. To get a real industrial light look. Subway light 3D model was adjusted to give it a more realistic appearance and to fix a glowing tubes glitch in unpowered state. It also gets a "cold" and a "warm" versions. Both hightech wall lights and a caged lightbulb were given a unique light filters to make them look more like a real lamp of such type would in a real life. Fluorescent ceiling light was given a significant light radius to be used as a main light source in a two-floor high rooms. This light also has a cold and a warm variants. For two big street lights a "wireless" modification was created. This modification will use a power radiation instead of
a wire connection. A smaller street lamp has only "wireless" modification. Also the 3D model of a smaller street lamp was reworked to have a better reflection of its light source temperature.

Optional HD textures download includes textures taken from the official UHD DLC. If you are already using mentioned DLC, you don't need this.

To be clear here. If you are just looking for a brighter lights, this mod is not for you. Yes, some lights are much brighter now, but some are significantly dimmer. The goal here is a realistic lighting, not illuminate everything with a single lightbulb.

Also note that I'm not a professional light designer and I've made this without any extensive knowledge on the matter. Result was pretty good at my taste (at least after vanilla lights), so I've decided to share this with you. In other words, don't expect this to be a super-professional lighting mod.

This is a work in progress, so not all workshop lights are covered so far. Some of them may require a serious efforts to fix their broken 3D models, so it may not be reasonable to even bother with some of them. Nevertheless I wil try to fix them all in time. It also means that some edits may not be final and may change in upcoming versions.

That's all. Cheers.