Fallout 4
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Pick up big junk items like trash cans, boxes, coat racks, and TIRES!

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Completely retooled, new script, new objects.

BIG JUNK is a passion project of mine.  It replaces many of the larger loose items in the world with junk items you can take home and use for salvage.  Below is a list of new junk items:

  • Practice Targets (The gangster standups like in the Railroad HQ)
  • Corvega Parts: Dashboard, Grill, Trunk Hood, Headlight Assembly, Steering Wheel, Seat, and Engine (Warning: Engine is very heavy)
  • Baby Carriages and Shopping Carts
  • Barrels: Most movable barrels, as well as the triangular explodey ones (They still explode)
  • Plastic Bins, Wooden Baskets, and Wooden Boxes
  • Large Cooking Pots
  • Empty and Smashed Cardboard Boxes, including Vault Suit Boxes (the open ones)
  • Construction Barriers, Traffic Cones, and Sawhorses
  • Bouquets of Dead Flowers
  • Folding Chairs
  • Hospital Gurneys and Gurney Pads
  • Robot Pieces: Mostly Mr. Handy parts
  • Lawn Flamingos
  • Coat Racks, Mr. Handy Boxes, Tricycles, and Ironing Boards
  • Lobster Floats (non-static ones)
  • Mannequins
  • Oxygen Tanks and Medical Tanks (These retain their explosive and rocket-ship properties)
  • Paintings (non-static)
  • Microphones: Both the tall standing and tabletop variety
  • A few random piles of scrap material
  • Skeletons
  • Various Signs
  • Weed Whackers
  • Meat Hanging on Hooks
  • Small Barber Mirrors
  • Trash Cans, Trash Can Lids, and Wastebaskets
  • OF COURSE: TIRES (The original idea for this mod came from not being able to collect loose tires.  Seriously, there are over 3000 of these things in the Commonwealth.  Also, I added Ballistic Fiber to their scrap components.  If you find this unbalancing, there is a non-fiber patch on the Files page.)

Things removed from Redux version: Destructible Wooden Crates (I didn't like their physics when dropped by the player; will be added to the new version of Commonwealth Cleanup I'm working on), Gravestones (same; plus its stupid, you can't make concrete out of pure stone), and Grills (most of these are static objects, there are only 4 movable versions; they will be also be added to Commonwealth Cleanup).

If you're looking for the Art Collector file, it's gone.  The Cell edits were causing crashes for some people.  In order to get it to work properly, I would have to edit over 2200 references, so... nah.

New Improved Strong Back options are up in the file section.  Download only the appropriate one (trying to reduce total plugins).