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Fully self-sufficient. No rearm, no terminal. Two types available. A trigger(On/Off) and a pulse sender.

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This will add two types of laser tripwires. A trigger(On/Off) and a pulse sender. Both do not require any intervention to function. No rearm delay or rearm as such. The trigger will change its state (On/Off) each time it's triggered. A pulse sender will send a power impulse (On) when tripped and will immediately return to its original state (Off). You can use them to trigger a trap or in a control circuits to activate/deactivate things. For example you could use two trigger tripwires and a xor logic gate to activate/deactive a decontamination arch(es) or open/close a door(s), turn On/Off the lights and etc.

As a downside, you can't use a "friend or foe" identification. But then no tripwire can identify such things, so it only adds to the realism. At least that's what you gonna tell yourself, when you'll need such identification. If you want to utilize mentioned identification, go and use vanilla tripwires. :P

Both tripwires could be snapped to the concrete doorway for a quick and prefectly alligned placement.
If you are using Embeddable Decontamination Arch made by me, myself and I, you could also snap them to each other to create an automated decontamination array in a fast and easy way.

You may also want to use Snap Snap to snap those rubbers mats to the floor in a matter of seconds.

This mod is actually pretty simple and doesn't contain any scripts, so it is 100% safe to install/uninstall at any time.

For the list of requirements check "Required files".

That's all.