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Turns the homes from FadingSignal's Basement Living mod into "Picket Fences" perk-based unlockables.

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by Greslin

An extremely simple patch to the excellent "Basement Living" mod by FadingSignal

The only thing about his mod that I didn't absolutely love is that all ten of the player bases could be built immediately from the start of the game.  I tend to play Survival mode with a very grueling early game, so having the instant ability to throw down a fully stocked player base right away like that threw things off balance for me.  And so I coded this up.

This patch makes all ten basements unlockable based on the five Picket Fences magazines, which you can find throughout the Commonwealth in certain combat areas.  Each magazine unlocks two more basements, and they are all themed somewhat to fit the themes of the issues.  With this patch, you won't see the workshop build options for specific basements until you've collected that particular issue.  It's somewhat unlikely (but not impossible) that you'll find any of them in the early game.

Original mod still required.  Simply install this ESP lower in your load order.

All credit goes to FadingSignal for his great mod.  I simply took the ten minutes to throw PerkQuest requirements into the mix.


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==== What the gaming media is saying! ====

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